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Connect with prospects the moment a triggering event occurs

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From how they take their coffee to the route they take to the grocery store, people are creatures of habit — until those habits are disrupted by a life change like getting married, starting a business, having a child, or buying a house.

And those moments are your best chances to get your foot in the door. The key? To offer those consumers the right message and the right time with the right offer using event-based trigger marketing.


Explore other event-based trigger solutions

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Business Triggers

Connect every month with over 1 million businesses that are experiencing important milestones. Our highly successful business trigger program delivers the coverage you need (3x the reach of single-source providers) with a 40 percent response lift by targeting businesses more quickly. 

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Life-event Triggers

Identify consumers on the verge of making important financial decisions so you can cross-sell existing clients and boost prospect acquisition programs. We offer best-in-class lifestyle, household, and consumer-trigger programs that will help you get in front of consumers faster than anyone in the market and with four times the reach.


Maximize response by reaching out at the right moment

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While traditional marketing methods still work, they’re nowhere near as effective as an ongoing trigger program.

Respond when they need to hear from you

Many large financial decisions, from service providers to office equipment, are made within the first 30-60 days of a new business filing.

Reach those in the market

There are over 2.4 million national lifestyle, household, and enterprise-triggered consumer up for grabs every week.

Be timely and relevant

Using triggers can double your targeted reach and almost double your marketing’s effectiveness, this responsiveness plummets 30%–40% each additional week after a trigger.


What our customers are saying

If you partner with Deluxe and follow their direction, I am confident you will be successful with event-triggered marketing just like we are.

  • Eric Carling

    VP of Sales , Commerce Bank

No question we are closing loans and saving customers under this program.

  • John Korch

    SVP , MB Financial Bank


Event-based triggers FAQ

What is an event-based trigger?

Event-based marketing (also called trigger marketing) is a form of marketing that identifies key events in the consumer (i.e., new mover) or business lifecycle (i.e., new business formation). When one of these events occur, a trigger is created and may be acted upon by a business. For example, a new mover trigger could be used by furniture company to offer a promotion for furniture at their new house.

How are event-based triggers generated?

As consumers get married or have children and businesses file EIN paperwork or need a loan, they do things that indicate a specific change is coming. For example, a couple expecting a baby may begin to buy certain types of products, change their search behaviors, and act in many other ways that indicate a baby is on the way. Data providers are able to watch and monitor these actions and alert your company when a customer triggers an event.

Why should I use event-based triggers?

When consumers and businesses are in the market for a major purchase or need access to funding, it throws a previous way of living off-balance. This is the moment when they are reconsidering many aspects of their lifestyle, ranging from budgets to where they live to their shopping schedules.

By finding the ideal moment to intersect with consumers’ lives or a business’s needs, you minimize your investment by decreasing marketing costs to catch their attention. In these moments, they are more receptive to your message. Event-based data allows you to show up with the right message, at the right time, with the right offer and establish new purchasing patterns.


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