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Connect with potential customers at the right time

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Getting married, buying a home, having a baby — these are all major life events and life events often trigger unique financial and purchasing decisions. Using the right data to get the right message in front of the right people at the right time increases your chances of acquiring new customers. But timing is everything.


Take your marketing to the next level

Reach the right consumers at the right time and watch your ROI soar.

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Significant lift

Deluxe provides a 200 percent account lift compared to the average response of traditional campaigns.

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Superior coverage

By aggregating dozens of specialty trigger databases on a weekly basis, we yield over 4x more targets than other leading providers.

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Speed to market

We source and aggregate dozens of weekly data feeds to ensure more consumers are reached as early as possible.

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Vast array of data categories

Deluxe can get you access to many life event data types including lifestyle triggers, household triggers and even enterprise triggers.


Life event marketing by the numbers

2.4 million

There are over 2.4 million national lifestyle, household and enterprise triggered consumers up for grabs every week.


Of customers who switch banks, 75% have recently had a life event occur.


Our life event data provides a 200 percent lift compared to the average response of traditional campaigns.


Trust us with all aspects of your life event marketing

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Using the latest technology and data, we’ll give you everything you need for a successful life event marketing program, including:

Speed to market

Responsiveness declines 30-40% each additional week after a trigger, so we identify movers and respond quickly with the perfect message is vital to a successful campaign.

Most robust coverage

Get access to over 2.4 million national lifestyle, household, and enterprise triggered consumers up for grabs every week.

Customer Monitoring

Append life event triggers data to your existing CRM database to monitor and engage with your own customers before your competitors do.

Enhanced Attributes

Get access to additional data attributes, such as previous address and move data, phone numbers, age, gender, and more.

Lead source variety

Our leads are sourced from a variety of publicly available information and self-reported sources

Unmatched experience

Our data-driven marketing business unit has been doing data-driven marketing and trigger campaigns for decades.

Multi-channel execution

We develop and deliver exceptional direct marketing digital marketing campaigns. We have a highly skilled team of campaign managers who can do everything from creative and writing to production and logistics. They can manage either turnkey or highly customized multi-channel campaigns that include print/direct mail, email, digital advertising, SEO, and outbound calling.


Harness the knowledge to reach the right customers at the right time

Get the data and insights needed to react quickly to the following life events.

Lifestyle triggers include potential customers who are:

  • Newly married
  • Newly engaged
  • Newly single
  • New or expecting parent

Household triggers focusing on current real estate situations including:

  • Pre-mover
  • New mover
  • New homeowner
  • Household composition change

Enterprise triggers targeting business customers like:

  • New home business
  • New business owner
  • Young professional


Let's drive your business forward together

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    Full-service campaign solutions

    Rely on expert creative strategy, audience selection, production and deployment, and attribution and performance measurement to ensure your campaigns deliver.

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    Business Trigger data

    Build new relationships or expand existing ones by connecting with businesses in the market for new products and services from businesses like yours.

  3. credit card data triggers

    Credit Triggers

    Combine the hand raising effect of applying for a loan with the selectivity of prescreening to deliver only active loan buyers from our data universe of over 250 million consumers.


QUESTIONs about Life Event Triggers?

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Life event trigger FAQ

What is life event marketing?

Major life events trigger unique financial decisions. By capitalizing on these transitions, you can acquire new customers and present unique cross-sell opportunities to engage and retain your existing customer base. Households experiencing life event changes are more likely to engage with and try new brands than their counterparts—but timing is everything.

What are some examples of trigger events in marketing?

There are many types of triggers in life event marketing which include lifestyle triggers (i.e., newly married or expecting parent), household triggers (i.e., new mover or household composition change), and enterprise triggers (i.e., new home business or young professional). These triggers can all be used to market different types of products in a timely and relevant fashion.

Why is life event marketing so important?

In one word, relevance. In a world where expectations are shaped by Amazon, Netflix, and other players, consumers and businesses have come to expect marketing to be customized and tailored to their needs. Life event marketing uses data and insights to uncover opportunities for your company to target only those who are most likely to be in the market for your products.  

What should I look for in a life event data provider?

Marketers should look at four factors in a life event data provider. The four factors include: coverage, speed to market, depth of data, and response lift. Many data providers will only have one stream of data in their dataset, while others will aggregate data from dozens of sources. This ensures you get superior coverage and access to a trigger sooner than the competition.