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We've studied how people find and choose Auto Shop online.

5 ways people search for Auto Shop Online

40% of all location based auto repair searches are "near me" searches.

People don't always include their precise city, state and zip code when searching for auto repair shops. Instead, they'll type, "auto repair near me," meaning, if your address is listed incorrectly, they'll be heading to the competition.

  • Always be sure the most popular directories and the headers/footers of your website have an accurate address for your business.

43% of the time, customers search auto repair insurance and 51% of the time, customers search car repair insurance.

That means, if you consistently use just one of those terms, you're losing out on half of your potential customer base.

  • Include both the words "auto" and "car" as well as all relevant insurance information on your website.

42% of people searching for auto repair are looking for do-it-yourself help.

While many customers are looking for a good repair shop, others seek information and resources to help them do it themselves.

  • Providing helpful advice on your site helps you get found by searchers, establish trust and earn future business for tougher repairs.

152 different types of auto repair shops are searched for every month.

Searchers can be very specific about the type of repair services for which they're searching. "Auto body" and "mobile mechanics" tend to be the most searched repair terms.

  • Making sure your website is specific in the types of repairs you provide will help you get found by people searching specific terms.

40 different types of keywords are used when cost is a concern to find the right auto repair shop.

Cheap doesn't need to mean low quality. Everybody's looking for a deal and auto repair customers are no exception. Of the 40 keywords used when cost is an issue, "cheap" is searched 35% of the time making it the most searched descriptor term.

  • Find creative ways to incorporate the word "cheap" into your content.

Get a custom website for your business.

4 ways people choose Auto Shop Online

Did you Know?
You have 5 seconds to capture a potential customer's interest online.

Customers no longer read, they scan. Important keywords customers are scanning for should be front and center. They'll be looking for the types of services you provide and specialize in (kitchen remodel, roofing), and will want to see photos of your work. This means high quality photos of your best work should be prominent on your website. Customers looking for contractors are turned off by words such as "bargain" and "discount" so avoid these terms.

Do you have the right information in the right place? We can help.

  • Acceptable forms of payment and insurance
  • Contact info, hours, and location should be under "About Us" or "Contact Us"
  • Seasonal information (coupon for air conditioning tune up)
  • List of special services (towing, free car rental, and more)

Did you Know?
Customers judge your business based on what they see online.

Customers need to know they can trust you before they will bring you into their home to discuss their project. A polished and attractive website conveys your commitment to delivering quality in the work you provide. Let potential customers know what they can expect when working with you. The way a website looks says anything from deceptive to credible, experienced or going out of business soon. Make sure that the way you portray yourself online builds trust, and doesn't undermine it.

What does your online presence say about your business? Let us help craft your image online.

  • Photo gallery (before and after photos)
  • Photos and bios of you and your crew
  • List certifications (ASE certified, STAR-certified smog station, etc.)

Did you Know?
Unusable websites are the biggest emotional barriers to auto repair customers.

49% of sites fail to comply with basic usability principles, and 50% of online sales are lost because visitors can't find content.*

Drivers stuck on the side of the road start their auto service search already frustrated. A disorganized website only adds to that frustration, driving them to look elsewhere for repair services.

Usability is built into every website we build, including:

  • Click-to-call option
  • Mobile-friendly HTML design

Did you Know?
Satisfied customers need to be reminded that you exist.

Dissatisfied or unhappy customers leave feedback. Satisfied customers tend to move on with their day. Ensure your auto shop is top-of-mind, by being on the channels your customers are on. For example, many customers search for do-it-yourself help. Provide helpful advice to keep them interested.

How do you stay top-of-mind? Deluxe can help.

  • Consistent listings on Google, Mapquest, Yelp, and more
  • Email marketing
  • Social media

Auto Shop websites we have built

Auto dyno

Dynotech Automotive

Josh Moore wanted to connect with people searching online for services and products Dynotech offered.

We focused on:

  • An 8-page website to generate leads and calls
  • A mobile-friendly website featuring full suite of services
Auto Cullmandiscount

Cullman Discount Muffler

Cullman Discount Muffler served the Cullman, Alabama area since 1979. We helped owners Randy and Julia French get their business to stand out online.

We focused on:

  • A professionally designed website, with high quality photography
  • Business listings across popular directories & search engines
auto icon

McClure Tire Service

Kenneth McClure’s family business turned to our professional website team for solutions to promote their new brand.

We focused on:

  • A mobile friendly website to boost phone calls
  • A professional, highly visual website

They fix cars. We fixed their online presence.


We helped them with:

  • Their Website
  • Social Media
  • Logo
  • Search Directories

About Oakdale Collision

Established in August, 2000, Don and Michelle purchased the business from Don's parents in 2011. Today:

  • they employ 8 repair technicians
  • Michelle handles everything from accounting and HR to marketing and payroll
  • Don deals with estimates and quality control when it comes to repairs

The result? More customers.

Michelle and Don have been thrilled with the results they're seeing from their online presence. Constantly busy and at capacity, they say that everything Deluxe promised to do is working as evidenced by:

  • most customers are finding them online
  • more and more customers are saying they found Oakdale on their mobile devices

Industry examples of our work:

Our packages help businesses

  • Get found online with an optimized website
  • Use email marketing to connect with customers
  • Use social media to build relationships
  • Increase sales with search engine optimization