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We've studied how people find and choose contractors online.

4 ways people search for contractor websites online

Remodeling is the most searched for type of residential job.

Targeting general keywords with big search demand is the foundation of any search marketing strategy. But it is also important to differentiate your business from all the other contractor websites that will be targeting "remodeling" as a keyword.

  • Local search is becoming more important than ever for contractors. Instead of competeing with everyone online, you just have to beat the local guys.

Consumers search by room four times more often than they search by type of contractor.

The Kitchen is the most searched for location in the house for work with 25% of all monthly searches that identified a specific room.

Bathrooms are the 2nd most common type of room searched with slightly below 25% of searches

  • Develop content around each room and how the services you offer make you a great choice for that project.

60,000 monthly searches are conducted by consumers looking for certified contractors


The most searched for keyword when consumers are searching for a home contractor with 43,000 monthly searches.

Roofing Contractors

31,000 searches are conducted monthly for roofing contractors, making it the highest searched type of contractor.


Searched for over 11,000 times monthly, consumers search for them using a multitude of keywords such as: electrical contractor, electric contractor, and electrician.

  • More traffic isn't always better. The quality of the traffic, how often an online visit becomes real business, is the key to success. We can help you attract serious customers seeking your skill set.

150,000 searches are conducted monthly by consumers looking for design ideas.

Customers are hungry for inspiration when they start planning a project. Developing inspirational content like before and after photos can establish you as the right contractor for an on-trend project.

  • Even DIY info, plans, and how-tos can bring in business from handymen who know the project is above their pay grade or busy folks that bite off more than they can chew. A how-to video can be a great introduction if it shows that you are warm, competent, and trustworthy.

Do you have the right content for people finding your business through a mobile search?


are looking for business hours


are looking for directions


are looking for local store address

Do you have the right content for people finding your business through a desktop search?


are looking for product availability


are looking for general contractor business hours


are looking for local contractors

Get a custom website for your business.

4 ways people choose contractors online

You have 5 seconds to capture a potential customer's interest online.

Customers no longer read, they scan. Important keywords customers are scanning for should be front and center. They'll be looking for the types of services you provide and specialize in (kitchen remodel, roofing, plumbing), and will want to see photos of your work. This means high quality photos of your best work should be prominent on your website. Customers looking for contractors are turned off by words such as "bargain" and "discount" so avoid these terms.

Do you have the right information in the right place? We can help.

  • Don't hide contact information, hours, and location under "About Us" or "Contact Us"
  • Display photo of your projects (before and after)
  • Showcase seasonal information (coupon for air-conditioning tune up)
  • List of special services (concrete, tree removal, electrical)
  • Clearly communicate why customers should choose you

Customers judge your business based on what they see online.

Customers need to know they can trust you before they will bring you into their home to discuss their project. A polished and attractive website conveys your commitment to delivering quality in the work you provide. Let potential customers know what they can expect when working with you. The way a contractor website looks says anything from deceptive to credible, experienced or going out of business soon. Make sure that the way you portray yourself online builds trust, and doesn't undermine it.

What does your online presence say about your business? Let us help craft your image online.

  • Share photos and biographies of you and your crew
  • List certifications, licenses, awards, and industry memberships
  • Share customer testimonials and references

Unusable websites are the biggest emotional barriers for customers.

9% of websites fail to comply with basic usability principles, and 50% of online sales are lost because visitors can't find content.* Many customers who search online are hurried or already frustrated. A disorganized contractor website only adds to that frustration, driving them to look elsewhere for service. Make sure information is easily findable on your website, and displays where it makes sense. For example, many flood or storm damage customers want to be sure their insurance is accepted before they even contact you so it would make sense to list insurance information next to your flood or storm damage service offerings. Customers expect instant gratification, so your website should make it quick and easy to request a bid and contact you.

Usability is built into every general contractor website we make.

  • Accessible forms for bid requests
  • Click-to-call
  • Mobile-friendly HTML design
  • Speed and dependability, no loading or down time

Satisfied customers need to be reminded that you exist.

Ensure your business is top-of-mind by developing a presence where your customers spend their free time. For example, many customers will search for do-it-yourself help when it comes to projects around the house. As the professional expert, your  construction website can provide helpful advice to keep customers interested, and showcase your knowledge and skills. Engaging with your customers will earn you their continued trust (and future business) and positive references.

How do you stay top of mind? Deluxe can help.

  • Consistent listings on Google, Mapquest, Yelp, and more
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • DIY content (simple plumbing or electrical)

Contractor websites we have built

Contractor Benjamin

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

Franchise owner Jeff Loveless wanted to connect with more people searching online for plumbing services & water heater installations.

We focused on:

  • An 8-page website to generate leads and calls
  • Business listings across popular directories & search engines
Contractor Breeze

Breeze Heating and Cooling

People looking for HVAC contractors in the Columbia, SC area have a wide variety to choose from, so owner Rory Zokan needed better online visibility.

We focused on:

  • A mobile-friendly website to boost phone calls
  • Designing a professional logo
Contractor beck

Beck Construction, Inc.

Owners Mark and Diane Beck have devoted 25 years to building a company that specializes in framing, drywall and acoustical ceilings. We helped them stand out online.

We focused on:

  • A 5-page website featuring awards and services
  • Business listings across popular directories & search engines



Industry examples of our work:

Our packages help businesses

  • Get found online with an optimized website
  • Use email marketing to connect with customers
  • Use social media to build relationships
  • Increase sales with search engine optimization