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We've studied how people find and choose HVAC Contractors online.

4 Ways That People Search for HVAC Contractors Online

The majority of HVAC-related online searches are either service or product specific.

To reach customers online, it's important that your hvac website describes the types of services you provide as well as the products you install and service. Brand names should also be featured as 13% of product-related searches include specific product brands. We'll help make sure visitors to your site find the information and the experience they expect by:

  • Creating content that clearly explains the services and products that you offer
  • Making sure your hvac website is findable when specific services and products are searched
  • Providing you with social and email marketing tools to help reinforce your message
  • Understanding which product brands are most demanded and, if you service them, making sure the right content is on your website

Customers search using common, everyday words.

Unless you're extremely well known in your area, customers aren't searching for you by name. They're searching common terms like "AC installation" and "furnace repair." We understand the words they use to find you and we make sure:

  • Your  HVAC website content accurately reflects the various services you provide
  • Your website is findable when the services you provide are searched for in directories like Google and Bing
  • Your services are explained clearly through your social and email marketing

You speak the language but your customers don't. In fact, 39% of people searching for HVAC information are simply trying to better understand the terminology.

Make it helpful and visitors to your website are more likely to trust you as well as the quality of your products and services. When we create your professional HVAC website, we help you help your customers by:

  • Offering free product and service information along with helpful educational material
  • Showing you how to proactively provide customers and prospective customers with helpful, information via email and social media solutions

Not everyone thinks they need an expert. We've found that 44% of people performing HVAC searches are looking to troubleshoot their own heating and air conditioning issues.

Of course, you'd rather have the business, but by providing troubleshooting information for those who are looking to fix it themselves, you showcase your expertise while earning a good name for your business — a name they're sure to remember when they can't do it themselves. We'll show you how to:

  • Offer helpful, educational information
  • Include easy tips on simple DIY problems
  • Provide simple-to-follow troubleshooting content
  • Stay top of mind with informational emails and social media posts

Get a custom website for your business.

How Customers Choose HVAC Contractors Online

You have 5 seconds to capture a potential patron's attention online.

Why should a customer call your HVAC business instead of the other guys? What can you provide that they can't get somewhere else? All of this information needs to be easily found, especially the types of services you provide. Most importantly, they'll want to know at a glance if you're available in their neighborhood.

Do you have the right information in the right place? We'll help by designing a site that:

  • Placing contact information and service area in a prominent position
  • Making the services and products you provide easy to find

Your entire business will be judged based on what customers see online.

The way a website looks can say anything from deceptive to credible, experienced or going out of business. A clean, professional website, featuring a well-designed logo, can go a long way toward establishing trust with customers and conveying your commitment to quality work.

What does your online presence say about your business? We can help craft your image online by:

  • Sharing photos and biographies of you and your crew
  • Listing certifications, licenses, awards and industry memberships (Angie's List, BBB, NATE)
  • Featuring customer testimonials and references

You need to set yourself apart from other HVAC contractors.

When it comes to HVAC contractors, customers have choices. Your website needs to clearly communicate what makes you different, so they choose you over the other guys. While cost and product selection are always factors, customers also value quick service, free estimates, years of experience and options like energy-efficient products from which to choose.

Show them what's uniquely you! We'll be sure to highlight your specialties by:

  • Placing what makes you different front and center
  • Making it easy for customers to request an appointment online or by phone
  • Clearly stating your pricing structure
  • Making it evident that you're local through photos and mentions of local landmarks, places, and people
  • Providing you with marketing ideas for creating a strong, consistent brand and displaying it on service vehicles, apparel and promotional products

It's important to be smart, relevant and seasonal.

In the HVAC industry, season often plays an important role in the types of services and products you're providing. Are you promoting maintenance plans for furnaces in the fall? Do you have any specials for air conditioning tune-ups in the spring? Make sure you effectively adjust your marketing efforts for the best results.

We'll show you how to be more strategic online by:

  • Promoting your seasonal specials during the right time of year
  • Sharing your expertise on optimizing energy savings for each season
  • Featuring tips on how to increase comfort in cold and warm temperatures

Customers will leave your website if they find it unusable.

Unorganized websites are the biggest source of frustration for shoppers and they will leave yours for another if they find it unusable. Knowing what HVAC customers are typically looking for is the key to keeping them on your site. Information like hours, service area and pricing should be easy to find at a quick glance. A customer with a dead furnace on the coldest night of the year is in no mood to hunt around for your phone number and hours of availability. Make it simple and you'll make more customers.

We build usability into every website we create. Trust us to make yours:

  • Organized and easy to navigate.
  • Simple to use with user-friendly estimate and information request forms
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Complete with click-to-call options

Satisfied customersneed to be reminded that you exist.

While unhappy customers leave reviews, satisfied customers keep coming back for more. Make sure you have a presence where they spend their time online. Engage them on social media. Promote seasonal specials, energy saving tips and product information via email. Convince them that you're the one to call when they require HVAC services.

How do you stay top of mind? Deluxe can help with:

  • Consistent listings on Google, Bing, and other web directories
  • Email marketing ideas
  • Social media solutions
  • Branded yard signs, vans featuring your logo, gifts, and apparel

HVOC Contractor websites we have built

bee line cooling

Bee Line Cooling Corporation

Alex Rodriquez wanted to connect with more people searching online for plumbing services and water heater installations in the Bronx, NY area.

We focused on:

  • An 8-page website to generate leads and calls
  • Business listings across popular directories and search engines
kdk image

KDK Mechanical, Inc.

Heating and air conditioning expert Keith Reuter has been serving Suffolk County on Long Island for over 20 years. He wanted to update his older website.

We focused on:

  • A professional 5-page, mobile-friendly website
  • Business listings across popular directories and search engines
puget heating

Puget Heating

Serving the Seattle area for over forty years, owner Lisa Puget wanted to connect online with local residents looking for HVAC help.

We focused on:

  • A mobile-friendly website featuring full suite of services
  • Business listings across popular directories like Yelp

Industry examples of our work:

Our packages help businesses

  • Get found online with an optimized website
  • Use email marketing to connect with customers
  • Use social media to build relationships
  • Increase sales with search engine optimization