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Deluxe Corp. and VerifyValidTM Partner to Offer Secure Online Check Payments to America's Small Business Owners

VerifyValid has entered into a strategic partnership with Deluxe Corp., a leading provider of financial products and marketing solutions, to offer secure, electronic payments to more than 4 million small business customers currently served by Deluxe.
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About Deluxe

Deluxe – the Solutions You Need to Grow Your Business
All businesses – large or small – are looking for ways to grow. At Deluxe, we are working hard to deliver innovative new products and services to help you, one of our 4 million-plus small business customers, acquire customers and build your brand. We also offer thousands of products from checks to forms to retail displays that help you run your business day to day.
We are also a trusted and valued advisor to many of the nation's leading financial institutions and one of the top providers of checks in North America. Deluxe and its industry-leading brands, including NEBS®, McBee® and Checks Unlimited®, are organized into three business segments:

  • Deluxe for Business — serving small businesses
  • Deluxe Financial Services — serving banks and credit unions
  • Direct Checks — producing and delivering checks directly to consumers

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About VerifyValidTM

At VerifyValidTM, we believe making a payment, whether to one person or thousands, should be fast, easy and secure. Combining their wide-ranging areas of expertise, the Founders of VerifyValid created an innovative, cost-efficient and more secure Web application that changes the way people do business. VerifyValid has taken the traditional paper check, the oldest form of non-cash payment, and given it an electronic makeover - leading to the most significant check upgrade in over 200 years.

A nationally used business payment enablement company, VerifyValidTM has created the industry's first Web-based check delivery system. Additionally, we've incorporated the industry's first Universal Positive Pay service which gives the banks of first deposit (BOFD) the ability to verify the validity of checks at the time of deposit. This service helps fraudulent checks get caught and stopped before they enter the banking ecosystem.

VerifyValidTM gives you all the benefits of paper checks without the high cost, because a valid check has nothing to do with the paper it‘s written on. It's a check, but smarter.

Recognized Experts
VerifyValidTM has amassed an extraordinarily talented team. Recognized as an industry innovator, VerifyValidTM was recently selected as a finalist in the PYMNTS Innovation Project 2013 for Best Check Innovation. Based in Michigan, VerifyValidTM is equally proud to have received the endorsement of the Michigan Bankers Association.

Our leaders have served for many years on the board for the Accredited Standards Committee X9 Incorporated, plus VerifyValidTM is a member of the Remittance Coalition and IBM's Global Entrepreneur Program.

You will find VerifyValidTM's Leadership Team speaking at leading financial services industry events as well as advising young entrepreneurs and early-stage start-ups.

Sending Checks Isn't a New Process, but
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