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Business checks delivered at the speed of email.

Built on our hard-won reputation for trust and innovation and over 100 years of providing best-in-class payment solutions to consumers and businesses, Deluxe eChecks are the next evolution in business checks.
  • Send eChecks at anytime from anywhere using a computer or mobile device to anyone with an email address
  • Save time and cost by sending one or thousands of check in seconds
  • Improve cash flow by paying early or at the last second
  • Integrate easily with QuickBooks or other accounting software
  • No additional software or technology required

Integrates flawlessly with QuickBooks® & other accounting software

No double entries. No additional investment. No changes to your current AP process. Simply download the free Deluxe eChecks Add-on for QuickBooks to get started.

If you use another accounting software it's still very easy to create and send batch check runs (large or small) with Deluxe eChecks. Simply export a .CSV file from your accounting software containing the email addresses and remittance data for the checks you want to send. Upload it to your account and with just a few clicks you can deliver any number of checks in just seconds.

Organizational and financial controls

By providing for separation of controls, we give you the ability to assign members who may access your accounts while delegating what functions they'll be able to perform. Permission levels include:

  • create checks
  • sign and send checks
  • and more, depending on their needs and role

If they're not given permission for a specific function, that function won't even be an option when they're signed in giving you an added layer of flexibility and security.


Send multiple checks with check batches

With Deluxe eChecks, you have the ability to create and send a check batch by uploading a CSV file created by the data from your accounting software. This allows you to quickly and easily process a large quantity of checks, including detailed remittance data, with a few simple clicks.

Create and send dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of eChecks in just seconds. If you are sending more than a few thousand at a time, consider our Enterprise Solutions.


The perfect fit for Enterprise customers

For those customers looking for a solution that helps them send thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of eChecks quickly and efficiently, Deluxe eChecks has Enterprise-level solutions that scale with your business to deliver the payment solution you need.
The right solution for enterprise customers
We have worked with leading enterprises in many industries, including Healthcare, Insurance, and Financial Services, to create & deliver a best-in-class payment solution that is unlike anything else currently available.
  • Healthcare payments Deluxe eChecks is the only payments solution available today that delivers both the payment and EOP/EOB electronically AND simultaneously.
  • P&C insurance claims processing Deluxe eChecks provides the unique ability to pay claims in the field, or through traditional back-office processes, all using the same platform.
The right solution for small business
Every small business is unique. Here are just a few examples showing how some businesses have leveraged Deluxe eChecks to streamline their payment processes and improve the bottom line:
  • Notaries Disbursements are a huge part of the daily tasks of a Notary. By streamlining this process, eChecks allows them to focus on their more critical daily tasks.
  • Property management Physical addresses may change, but people tend to move their email addresses with them, which is why using eChecks to refund rent deposits made perfect sense.
  • Realtors When using paper checks, deposits, refunds, commission checks and all other payments had to be physically delivered. Electronic methods were faster, but harder to reconcile. Deluxe eChecks provided the perfect blend.
  • Contractors Cash flow is one of the critical stumbling blocks for many contractors. Being able to send and receive eChecks speeds up that flow and allows more jobs to start on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Deluxe eChecks compatible with QuickBooks?
Yes. You can use Deluxe eChecks with QuickBooks just like you always have with regular checks. The difference is, your payments will be delivered automatically via email saving you both time and money. In fact, the more emailable checks you send, the more you’ll save.
Are there additional fees associated with Deluxe eChecks?
Pay for the quantity that best fits your needs and that’s it: no subscriptions, contracts, monthly fees or hidden costs.See All FAQs »
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The good thing about Deluxe eChecks is that it is easy to use, it's cheaper than the paper checks, and faster delivery to our clients.
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