Deluxe eChecks for Retail Owners & Managers


Rapid payments for stocked shelves and happy vendors.

If you own or manage a retail business, you need a payment method that keeps popular products on the shelf and vendors paid. A solution that’s not only speedy, but costs less than other methods. Deluxe eChecks are the most secure emailable check payments from the leader in the check industry.

Differentiate yourself from other retail businesses that lose money due to inefficient invoice processes and low fraud control with this smart payment addition to your retail business.

Why Deluxe eChecks?

  • Control Cash Flow

    The accounting function is the financial backbone for nonprofits. Deluxe eChecks give you an efficient and stable accounts-payable process with the control to monitor cash in real-time for stability.
  • Pay Quickly

    By using eChecks, you can make sure payments arrive quickly and shelves are always stocked, versus running into unnecessary delays due to mailed payments or unhappy suppliers.
  • Access from Anywhere

    Handle payments from your home or any store location. Deluxe eChecks make it easy to send checks from any computer or mobile device.
  • Experience Convenience

    By using Deluxe eChecks, you don’t have to worry about employees rushing in on payday just to collect their check, it’s delivered automatically to their email address. In need of an affordable outsourced payroll service? Learn more
  • Save Time & Money

    Automated accounting processes for retailers help streamline the payables process. Deluxe eChecks will guarantee you save time and money on every invoice you process.

Deluxe eChecks are a streamlined and cost-effective payment solution that allows you to quickly send payments, so you can focus on quality guest experiences and growing your business.

“It was far less expensive and I didn’t have to keep paper checks stored anywhere. Whoever I’m sending it to is getting it quicker and a lot of my vendors like that.”

- Traci Huckaby,
Town & Country Flower Shop

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Deluxe eChecks. The right choice for your retail business.

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