Funds your recipients can access in minutes



Happier recipients provide better service to your business


Recipients already love eChecks because of their speed and convenience. Deluxe eDeposit Services take that speed and convenience to another level by giving recipients a way to access their eCheck funds in minutes — without the need for a printer or a trip to the bank.




No extra steps or fees for eCheck senders

Your eCheck recipients can take advantage of our eDeposit Services without the need for you to take any extra steps or pay any fees. Every recipient has the choice to pay a small fee to use eDeposit or print their eCheck for free. Recipients can simply choose to use eDeposit when they receive notification of an eCheck payment.




Instant Funds*
powered by Hyperwallet

eCheck recipients can access funds when they need them the most. They no longer have to wait one, two or even up to ten days for a check to clear. With Instant Funds, payees can have guaranteed funds available in their bank accounts in minutes.



Access eCheck funds fast or slow - it's their choice


When retrieving an eCheck, recipients can decide how fast the funds reach their account by choosing from two easy options:

When available, they can access funds faster with Instant Funds powered by Hyperwallet. In minutes the funds are guaranteed and available in the payee’s bank account, for a small fee. There’s no need to print the eCheck.

They can print and deposit the eCheck at a bank, just like a paper check. There’s no charge, and funds are available according to the bank’s processing schedule.




Recipients love eDeposit Services

  • Reliable, guaranteed funds

    Recipients can rest easy knowing that the eCheck payment will be available in their account for nearly immediate use.
  • They enjoy anytime, anywhere payments

    Recipients can now retrieve and eDeposit funds whenever and wherever they are.
  • Paperless and planet-friendly

    No printer? No problem. Instant Funds powered by Hyperwallet, deliver funds to a payee’s bank account electronically.
  • Recipients set the pace for payment

    Every time a payee receives an eCheck, they can choose how quickly to access their funds. They can print the eCheck and deposit it at a bank. If they need the funds sooner, they can select the Instant Funds option. Payees can switch it up to suit their schedule, every time.
  • Predictable, per-transaction fee

    Every time a recipient uses Instant Funds powered by Hyperwallet, they pay a small fee that is conveniently deducted right from the transaction. There’s no set-up or subscription fee, and no obligation to use Instant Funds for future eChecks payments.


*Majority of transactions will be funded within 30 minutes, but it could take up to 2 business days. The funds availability timing for the initial transaction will generally be indicative of future transactions for the account you set up. A small fee will be charged to the eCheck recipient for each eDeposit. Check clearing provided by our partner bank.


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