Use Deluxe eChecks with QuickBooks® and other accounting systems


Deluxe eChecks integrate quickly and flawlessly with QuickBooks and other accounting software.


How eChecks work with accounting software

  • QuickBooks users

    Simply download the free Deluxe eChecks add-on for QuickBooks to get started. Installation is fast and easy. Then use QuickBooks to write Deluxe eChecks the same way you create paper checks, by selecting the Pay Bills or Write Checks function—but without the need for printing, postage and mailing.
    • Include remittance data with your eChecks
    • Issue the checks in just a few clicks, then receive an email summary of the payments you sent
    • Deluxe eChecks add-on is compatible with QuickBooks Desktop 2010 and newer
  • Other accounting software users

    You can use Deluxe eChecks to send emailable payments in seconds for almost every other software as well. Simply export a .CSV file containing the email addresses and remittance data for your outgoing checks. Upload the file to your Deluxe eChecks account, and deliver your payments in just a few clicks.

No additional investment

No new software to buy. No training for your team. No ramp-up time. Send emailable eChecks payments from QuickBooks just like you send paper checks.

No changes to your AP process

Electronic checks integrate right into your existing workflow, so you can keep using your same accounts payable process. In just a few minutes, make Deluxe eChecks part of your current setup.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Deluxe eChecks are guaranteed to save you time and money. If, within 60 days, you’re not completely satisfied with sending eChecks, Deluxe will refund the unused portion of your eChecks order.


“We are able to upload our data from our point of sale system into the eChecks system, as well as QuickBooks, so that sellers can be paid very quickly. We've reduced our cycle time from about 10 days to 4 days. So our people are getting paid much faster by email.”

- Tracy Panase, Just Between Friends

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echecks mobile App

Mobile App

Pay anytime, from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the free app and enter your eCheck credentials to:
  • create, send & receive payments
  • authorize and send checks created by another user
  • monitor your account activity
  • view payments you've received in your lockbox
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echecks mobile App
echecks mobile App
echecks mobile App
echecks mobile App

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