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Deluxe Medical Payments Solution:

The only payment solution that digitally delivers both payment and EOP/EOB simultaneously.

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Why Deluxe Payment Solutions?

Our payments solution lets you simplify your Payment Process, Reduce Costs and Improve Provider Satisfaction, all without changing your core payment and accounting processes.

Slash your costs and boost your cash flow by digitally sending eCheck payments.

Save time and money by sending payments and EOPs/EOBs instantly and simultaneously.

Seamless integration into existing systems lets you evolve to digital payments quickly

Delight your providers by reducing time-consuming reconciliation tasks

How does it work?

Deluxe Medical Payments utilize Deluxe eChecks, the only true electronically-delivered check on the market today. With Deluxe eChecks, you simply upload payment and related information through our flexible APIs. Our patented system does the rest. Once received, your providers can choose to deposit their checks electronically, or print them on their everyday printer. Beyond deposit convenience, your providers save effort and money by receiving payments together with associated EOPs/EOBs.






You get a solution to streamline your payment process while:


allowing you to efficiently process high volumes of check payments

providing up to 40% savings over paying via paper check

being highly secure, ensuring data privacy, and complying with data protection requirements


Your providers get a solution that gets them paid quickly while:


improving efficiency (no more time wasted waiting for and reconciling payments)

improving productivity (EOP/EOB delivered simultaneously with every eCheck payment)

allowing secure tracking and audibility


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