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It's true. When asked, people preferred receiving Deluxe eChecks 3-to-1 over being paid with paper checks.
Why it pays to receive eChecks
  • Instant Delivery Receiving an eCheck means your payment is delivered instantly. Seconds after they hit send, you'll be notified by email that a printable Deluxe eCheck is waiting for you to retrieve and print it using a secure link.
  • No Cost to Receive Just like with a traditional check, there are no fees attached to an eCheck. Once printed, you can simply deposit it just like an other check.
  • No Account Required To receive a Deluxe eCheck, all you need is an email address. The check will be delivered as a one-time view/print only PDF document. Simply open the PDF, print and deposit your check. To unlock additional benefits and features, there is an option for you to create your own eChecks account but again, it's not required to receive payment.
  • No Set-up to Receive With other payment options such as ACH, a set-up fee is required and you need to share your private bank information with those issuing payment, opening yourself up to potential for fraud. With Deluxe eChecks, you never share banking information and there's no set-up fee.
  • Deposit Options An eCheck can be deposited just like any other check – at a bank or credit union, through an ATM or using your branch's Remote Deposit Capture.
  • Safe, Secure Fraud Prevention Our proprietary approach based on patented technology allows companies and banks to help reduce fraud by easily verifying the authenticity of each eCheck. Customers and financial institutions using our Check Validation service can confirm at any time that an authorized Deluxe eCheck was created by a user of the system and that the check has remained unaltered since creation. This service can assist in catching and stopping fraudulent checks before they enter the banking ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive a check? Receiving a check by email is free and no registration is required. Will banks accept my Deluxe eChecks? Yes. Deluxe eChecks are exactly like any other check accepted by your financial institution. If your financial institution does have questions, they can simply follow the directions on the check to verify its authenticity. Can I really just print a check from a regular printer? Yes. Just like other important documents such as airline boarding passes, Deluxe eChecks can be printed on your printer. Once printed, Deluxe eChecks can be deposited at financial institutions just like paper checks. See All FAQs »
echecks mobile App

Mobile App

Pay anytime, from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the free app and enter your eCheck credentials to:
  • create, send & receive payments
  • authorize and send checks created by another user
  • monitor your account activity
  • view payments you've received in your lockbox
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echecks mobile App
echecks mobile App
echecks mobile App
echecks mobile App

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It was about having a faster way to pay our clients

We have certainly saved some money that's for sure, but for me that wasn't the driving force it wasn't about saving money. It was more about having a faster way to pay our clients and that was the biggest incentive.
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