Simultaneous Remittance Data with eChecks


Deluxe eChecks are the only electronic payments that let you send remittance data with the payment.


Skip the mail, skip the wait time

With paper checks, you send payment and remittance details in the same envelope, but that requires printing, stuffing, and mailing—and makes your recipient wait several days for the payment to arrive. Deluxe eChecks eliminate this time-consuming step.

Better than other electronic payment options

When you electronically send payments via ACH and EFT, the remittance data must be sent separately.
This requires additional time and effort on both sides:

  • The recipient must reconcile the payment with current invoices
  • Your accounts payable people often need to answer detailed questions about payments, invoices and discounts
Simultaneous remittance data eliminates this extra work.

Eliminate payment confusion with customizable remittance data

Remittance data can be as simple as one line of text, or as complex as an attached remittance data sheet containing up to eight columns of customizable data. Either way, email the payment and its identifying details with just a few clicks.

Create a personalized memo for reference.

Provide up to 8 columns of customizable data.





Simultaneous remittance data saves time and money

  • Save on paper, postage and personnel

    Detailed, freeform remittance data accompanies every Deluxe eCheck. This means:
    • No need for paper check stock, remittance paper, envelopes or postage
    • Less time spent stuffing payment envelopes and making sure they go out on time
  • Save time following up with payees

    Because the remittance data automatically accompanies every Deluxe eCheck, you save the time you would have spent identifying, researching and answering payment-related questions.
  • Make vendors happy

    Payment recipients love simultaneous remittance data, because it makes receiving and reconciling payments far easier than any other electronic payment options such as ACH and EFT.
  • Streamline your accounts payable process

    Deluxe eChecks are the only online payments that allow you to simultaneously inform the payee which invoice corresponds with each payment. Include as many details as you need to in the freeform remittance field, then send it with the emailable payment.


“eChecks has probably cut down my bookwork time… probably by more than half.”

- Scott Harklau, SH Distributing Inc.

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