Polka Dot Parlor attracts 500 fashionistas with email marketing

Polka Dot Parlor Small Business Revolution

Email marketing case study: Retailer launches email campaign from scratch


Paulette Kirk Kasmer has a passion for fashion and helping people look and feel good. So, in 2016, she opened Polka Dot Parlor to encourage women of all ages to explore their sense of fashion in a fun, friendly, supportive environment. Her mantra: Rock whatever you want to rock, at any age.


Email marketing has really helped support my branding efforts. Every time I send an email, I get more people in my shop!

Paulette Kirk Kasmer
Polka Dot Parlor

The situation

As the only clothing retailer in Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania, Paulette couldn’t wait to bring fun, funky, standout style to her town. But to keep her shop’s doors open, she needed a steady stream of sales. It wasn’t enough to draw customers in for their first visit: She had to entice one-time shoppers to return, again and again.

Paulette needed a way to stay connected to her customers and keep Polka Dot Parlor top of mind with shoppers. She partnered with Deluxe to launch an email marketing plan that would attract customers and keep them coming back to explore the newest inventory of vintage threads.

The plan

The team from Deluxe outlined an email marketing plan to turn Polka Dot Parlor’s new customers into loyal fashionistas. The primary challenge would be to build her email list from scratch — fast.

The process

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies to generate repeat business, and it delivers impressive results. Email marketing offers an average 122 percent return on investment. The Deluxe team set out to help Paulette take advantage of email marketing and reap the rewards.

Building the list

To get her up and running with email marketing, the Deluxe team had to take her email list from zero to hero, fast. They encouraged her to build an email list simply by placing a notebook at the register where customers could sign up for email updates.

Within a month, Polka Dot Parlor collected nearly 100 email addresses — an adequate volume to launch the shop’s first email featuring a downtown sale event.

Getting more subscribers

To capture even more email addresses, the team added an email sign-up form to the Polka Dot Parlor website. People would happily subscribe to get the scoop on fashion shows, sales events and other exciting happenings at the store they loved.

The team worked closely with Paulette to craft a message that reflected her personality and passion for funky fashion.

Email Marketing Results

Written in Paulette’s voice, the fun message promises subscribers first dibs on exclusive events and cool vintage finds.

Developing an email marketing strategy

The Deluxe team helped Paulette plan her email strategy for the entire year, coordinating the promotions with in-store sales events and merchandising plan. To boost customer engagement, the Deluxe team encouraged Paulette to email her customers at least twice a month. In March, for example, customers will get friendly emails about new fashions for spring and St. Patty’s Day dress up.

The results

Since June, Paulette’s email list has grown from 0 to 500. And it’s still growing! By reaching out to these customers on a regular basis, she is well on her way to building a loyal customer base and keeping business booming.

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