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Email Marketing case study: Email marketing offers big results on a tight budget


Open since 2015, Eclectic Shoppe features the work of local artists ranging from pottery to paintings, to hand-painted tees and jewelry. With help from Deluxe’s Small Business Revolution, the owners received the marketing support they needed to cultivate their startup business.

Maria Smyth

This whole process has been wonderful. The marketing strategy Deluxe helped us create is going to take us to another level.

Maria Smyth, Owner
Eclectic Shoppe

The Situation

Mike and Maria Smyth founded Eclectic Shoppe to help local artists and craftsmen sell their wares. They believe in buying local and selling local. The Wabash community welcomed and supported the shop during the Smyths’ first year in business, but sales tended to dip in slower traffic months.

For Eclectic Shoppe to keep its doors open, the Smyths needed a boost in traffic and to maintain consistent sales throughout the year.

The Plan

Given Eclectic Shoppe’s high cost of attracting new customers, the experts at Deluxe recommended the Smyths reach out to their current customers to earn more return business. The plan was to increase repeat visits from local customers, while also attracting tourists to the shop. The Smyths would take advantage of email marketing, an ideal tool for retail shops to boost business on a tight budget.

The Process

Deluxe partnered with the Smyths to build an email marketing strategy centered around promoting new artists featured in the shop. They quickly collected contact information from their in-store customers and website visitors. Within a month, Eclectic Shoppe had accumulated nearly 100 email addresses – a large enough volume to launch its first email featuring an upcoming artist and sale event.

This database of customers now receives regular email updates about new artist collections, events and upcoming promotions. The Smyths send emails twice monthly throughout the year, and weekly during the holidays.

Promotional email

Promotional email

The Results

Mike and Maria Smyth now have the marketing tools in place to attract customers to their shop, helping them overcome the slow sales months. Their marketing emails have open rates of roughly 25 percent, exceeding industry standards. Soon after launching their first email campaign, they had their best month ever – doubling sales from their grand opening month. They recently celebrated their second anniversary in business.

Email Marketing Results

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