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Deluxe is the official business check printer of financial institutions nationwide.

Help prevent check fraud with Deluxe
High Security Business Checks

Small businesses lose more than 7% of their annual revenue to fraud. That's over $600 billion a year, gone, just like that. Keep your business checks secure with features such as heat reactive ink, chemical wash-detection, anti-copy technology, and more!

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Fulfill all of your small business payroll and accounting needs with help from laser business checks, manual business checks. Plus, our custom business checks allow you to personalize with your company logo. Order checks online today!


Our professional-looking business checks are compatible with all major accounting software. Whether you are printing your checks with Sage 50® (formerly Peachtree), QuickBooks checks® or other check software, we have the compatible checks you need.

Write checks confidently with the 27 advanced security features of Deluxe High Security business checks. Protect your business and reduce check fraud risks.

Eco-Friendly Checks

Deluxe is an eco-friendly check printer and a proud EPA Green Power Partner.
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