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Distance your business customers from fraud

Scammers are not sheltering in place during this crisis, indeed, they are out in force. The FTC reported at least seven active business scams specifically targeting businesses during COVID-19 outbreak.


We Can Help

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Identity theft protection services with Deluxe Provent®

Protect account holders and financial institutions from fraud attacks and account abuse with Deluxe Provent® – a fully configurable suite of fraud and identity theft protection products for account holders. 

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EZShield® protection with all digital payments

Deluxe Payment Exchange payments include EZCheck® premium check fraud protection with every payment, for secure, online transactions. 

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Applicant Screening with Deluxe Detect®

Utilize Deluxe Detect,® the checking account applicant screening solution that meets the FCRA’s requirements for accuracy, investigating disputes, and allowing consumers access to their reports.

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Enhanced RDC Risk Monitoring

Automated risk monitoring ensures optimal RDC performance and security. Manage your risk by setting limits at the financial institution level or on a case-by-case basis at merchant or account levels. Add location awareness functionality for a simple way to meet stringent guidelines for accurately identifying where deposits are captured. 

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The most secure, high security checks from Deluxe

Strengthen customer relationships and increase profitability with best-in-class personal and business check solutions.