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The State of Financial Marketing

 Research by The Digital Banking Report, sponsored by Deluxe.

When the pandemic hit, marketing organizations went into crisis mode, the effects of which are more significant that we’ve seen in the past seven years. But does this represent a “new normal”? While much is still unknown and the situation is still evolving, marketers should consider the research findings and expert analysis when planning for 2021 and beyond.


Megatrends from the Research

Shift to Digital - Consumers expect to have digital options that are both seamless and simple.

Contextual Engagement - Need a 360-degree view of the customer journey fed by good data and advanced analytics.

Platformification - Must look beyond individual services and consider platform-based solutions.

New Channel Mix - Connected devices bring customers more options and ease of conducting their banking business.

Focus on Brand Value - Social consciousness, sustainability and brand accountability have surged in importance.

Enhanced Privacy and Security - Transparent communication is needed about how data and privacy is being protected.

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