Two great
ways to get one great logo!

Two great ways to get one great logo!

Do-it-yourself with our easy-to-use logo maker or work with a professional designer. Logo designs start at just $39.95.


Alicia Jeffreys, Shampooches

Featured in season 3 of Small Business Revolution — Main Street.


Alicia Jeffreys, Shampooches

Featured in season 3 of Small Business Revolution — Main Street.

  • Easily create your own logo or work with our designers.
  • Full ownership of your logo files
  • Unique designs that look great everywhere
  • Affordable design options
  • Get your designs fast

Logo Design Samples

Logos created with our Logo Maker tool

Bravo Pizza Logo
Turf Pros Lawn Care Logo
Synced Logistics logo
Corner Stone Construction logo

Custom logos created by our professional logo design team

Shampooches Dog Grooming logo
Lovetts Soul Food logo
Discover Learn and Grow logo
Bluff City Outdoors logo

Use our Logo Maker to
create your own logo

Get a logo in minutes with our easy-to-use Logo Maker. No design skills necessary.

  • Simple to use, no design experience required
  • Hundreds of designs to choose from
  • Add your company name and tagline
  • Perfect for parties, weddings and events
  • Free to use — only pay when you love it

Starting at $39.95


Get a professional, custom logo
created by our designers

Get a one-of-a-kind logo crafted exclusively for your business by our Logo Design Team.

  • Personalized service from a dedicated designer
  • Unique concepts in 5 days
  • Revise it until it’s right
  • You retain full ownership rights

Starting at $195


Get the logo that’s right for you

Whether you’re a startup, a small business veteran or simply looking for a great logo fast, get the logo that works for you. With every Deluxe logo, expect a great-looking design that turns heads, reinforces your credibility and helps you stand out from the pack.

Professional design

When you make your own logo from one of our templates or work with our designers on a new creation, you can expect a stylish, design that stands out on T-shirts, uniforms, vehicles, coffee mugs, letterhead, packaging, your website and more.

The flexibility of our Logo Maker

Perfect for weddings, gamers, sports teams, corporate events or just when you’re on the go, our DIY Logo Maker lets you create a logo in minutes, without any design experience.


An experienced design team at your fingertips

When you need to build your brand, get noticed and stay top of mind with your customers, rely on the Deluxe logo design team for the expertise you’re looking for.

A logo that’s right for your industry

Whether you’re a fashion designer or contractor, a salon or a CPA — and everything in between — your Deluxe logo will be the perfect representation of your business.

See what our customers say

Logo Design Reviews - Deluxe Corp
out of 5

Very tasteful and classy design

Y'all did a great job creating a classy logo design for a traditional country band. Very tasteful and classy design!
Logo Design Reviews - Deluxe Corp
out of 5

Deluxe surpassed my expectations, ensuring a quality product and experience

If you're looking for a personal and extremely professional experience, look no further. Deluxe surpassed my expectations, ensuring a quality product and experience. The staff was open, attentive and creative with their approach.
Logo Design Reviews - Deluxe Corp
out of 5

Very helpful when working to get my design just like I wanted

I started a photography business, by accident. To go with my art, I needed a WOW factor, in the way of a logo. Searching Google I came across Deluxe. They offered me a good deal on what I was looking for. The design team is amazing and easy to work with. They actually answer the telephone! My design had to be unique, different than any other and this is what they delivered. The response time was quick. They also seemed to be concerned with my thoughts and were very helpful when working to get my design just like I wanted.

Amazing designs for every budget

Any way you slice it, you’ll get a unique logo guaranteed to make a powerful and lasting impression on your customers. Choose the option that works for you:


Want to design your own logo? Use our Logo Maker!
packages start at $39.95

Logo Packages







Professional Logo Design








  • DIY Logo Maker

    • How do I create a logo with Deluxe Logo Maker?

      You’ll be able to create a great-looking logo in minutes, no design skills necessary. Just follow these simple steps:
      • Enter your company name and select from various design styles, colors and icons.
      • Choose from eye-catching designs generated by Logo Maker.
      • Customize your logo’s fonts, colors, text, frames, size and more.
      • Preview your logo to make sure it’s perfect, then save it.
      • Pay only if you like your design and download high-resolution vector files to use in print, online and anywhere.
    • How do I contact customer support?

    • Once I purchase, how do I receive my logo package?

      We’ll automatically download your logo files to your computer upon purchase. You can also download the logo files from our website at any time.
    • How do I download a logo from the Logo Maker?

      1. Log in to your account on our website.
      2. Go to the “My Projects” page via the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner on any page of our site.
      3. Locate the logo you purchased on the left-hand side of the page. The logo you purchased will have a “Download All Logo” link. Click on this link to download the zipped folder of your logo files.
    • Can I make changes to a logo after I purchase it?

      Yes, you can easily make changes to your logo at any time within 5 days of your purchase on your own from your account. For example, you can edit size, placement, color and text. Keep in mind that making changes to your logo will replace your current logo, not create a copy.
  • Deluxe Logo Design

    • Why do I need a logo?

      Your logo says what your business does and what its values are. It creates a positive, professional impression on your customers. And it keeps your company in your customers’ minds.
    • Can Deluxe design a unique logo for me?

      We understand that one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our Logo Design Team will create a one-of-a-kind design that’s the perfect fit for your unique business. What’s more, your dedicated Project Manager will work closely with you to ensure that you get a logo that represents your company and stands out from the crowd.
  • Working with the Deluxe Logo Design Team

    • How does custom logo design work?

      After you place your order, you will be prompted to complete and submit a logo creative brief. Once we receive the brief, a Project Coordinator will contact you to discuss your project and gather any more details to help with the design process.
    • When can I view the initial logo design concepts?

      The Project Coordinator will confirm when you will be able to view and review the initial concepts. Feel free to provide feedback until you’re satisfied with the concepts.
    • When can I expect updated concepts?

      Any new updates on the logo designs, including revisions and final files, are provided within 2 to 4 business days from when your feedback was received by the design team.
    • How many logo design revisions do I get?

      Unlimited logo revisions are included in the majority of the logo packages offered. If you require additional revisions, you can add them to your order before or during the logo development process.
    • What if I don’t like the concepts?

      If you’re not happy with the initial concepts, you can request a redesign. We will have a conversation to find out what’s not working, and then a different group of designers will create brand new concepts for you to choose at no extra charge.
    • How long will it take to receive my final logo?

      Once we receive confirmation of your final concept selection, we will provide final logo files, typically within 2 to 4 days.
    • Do you supply fonts for purchase?

      Font files are included with some of our logo packages. We can also provide them to you upon request. (An additional fee may be charged.)
    • Who owns the copyright to my finished logo?

      You do. We will transfer any rights we had to the logo during the design process completely over to you. We are also happy to provide a logo rights letter confirming that we will not use any design elements from your design in other designs and will not display it on our samples page without your permission.
  • Payment

    • How much will my logo design cost?

      For a custom design logo, pricing varies based on how many designers you want involved and the number of design concepts you’d like to choose from. You can choose from Bronze, Silver or Gold level package options that have various features you may need to establish your business’ brand. These packages range from a one-time fee of $195 up to $645. If you’d prefer to use an online tool at design your logo yourself with our online DIY Logo Marker, pricing starts at $39.95.
    • Why do I pay before seeing concepts?

      Payment in advance allows us to allocate one or more dedicated designers for your logo project. It also ensures your project will get the full attention it deserves.
    • Can I get a refund?

      Absolutely! We want you to love your logo. If you feel our team has not developed the right logo or look and feel for your business, and you haven’t requested any alterations to the original concepts, we will refund your money 100%.
  • File formats and delivery

    • What image file formats are included?

      Depending on the package purchased, we offer up to 11 different digital file formats. The file formats we provide include:
      • AI – Adobe Illustrator vector file
      • BMP – Bitmap
      • EPS – Encapsulated PostScript
      • CDR – CorelDraw vector file
      • GIF – Graphics Interchange Format
      • JPG – Joint Photographic Experts Group (jpeg)
      • PCX – Picture Exchange
      • PSD – Adobe Photoshop
      • PDF – Portable Document Format vector file
      • PNG – Portable Network Graphic
      • TIFF – Tagged Image File Format
      These formats make it easy to showcase your logo on a variety of print and online materials, from your website and social media platforms to your business cards and packaging.
    • Why is my logo so large?

      We provide large final files in a versatile vector format, which means they can be resized across all types of media and still look amazing.
    • How do I save my design?

      Once you finalize your custom logo design, we’ll email you a copy of the final logo files in various file formats. You can then save the zipped file to your computer. From there, you can save them to a USB storage drive, burn them to a CD or simply upload them to your cloud storage.
    • Why can’t I open my files?

      While you’ll need specific graphics software to open some of the files, most file formats, such as JPG, PDF and PNG, are universal and can be opened without any additional software. Don’t worry! We’ll provide your final logo design files in multiple formats for you to open, edit and use as you see fit.
    • What if I lose my files?

      We keep the design safe in our archives should you lose your copy. We can also work with your printer of choice and send them any files they may need on your behalf.
    • How do I change the color of my logo?

      We provide vector graphic files, so you can open the logo using a vector graphics program, such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. From there, you can edit colors, fonts and the size of the final logo without losing any quality in the design.

Who needs a logo?

Everyone. No matter the size of your business, a logo is the cornerstone of your entire brand. Too often, small business owners think a professionally designed logo will break the bank. But a great logo can be affordable.

How does a great logo benefit my business?

  • It’s the centerpiece for your marketing strategy
  • It helps people recognize and remember your business
  • It’s your calling card, one of the first things a customer sees
  • It attracts visitors’ attention and tells your story in a glance
  • It creates a positive and lasting impression with customers
Zenza Corporate Day Spa

Why do you need a logo?

It establishes legitimacy and professionalism

Your business gets judged in under 5 seconds. A powerful logo says what your business does, and it conveys stability and reliability. When your logo looks professional, you look professional.

It builds customers’

Create familiarity with your brand by displaying a strong logo on signage, social media, storefronts and stationery. A great logo stays in customers’ minds, builds credibility and becomes inseparable from your business.

What makes a great logo?

Sanfers Marketing Agency

Meaningful text

Unless your logo is internationally recognized, adding your name to the graphic is crucial to building your brand awareness. That means text. Skilled graphic designers use various fonts to convey different meanings and associations.

Jackson Abdalla Law Group

Eye-catching color

Simplicity is king when it comes to colors, so limit yourself to three or fewer. A single color may be all you need. Or you may not need any color at all — just striking black and white.

Duvoll Construction

A great graphic

When most people think of a brand’s logo, they think of the graphic. The graphic must be unique, not clip art or a copy of your competitor. And it should look great everywhere.

Which type of logo is right for my business?


A wordmark relies on text, typeface and unique typography to express a brand’s identity. Wordmarks work best for companies whose names are distinctive or describe what they do. They can be cost-effective options for companies with limited marketing budgets that need to focus on building name recognition.

AOK Security


Like a monogram for your business, text-only lettermarks rely on initials to represent the brand. They’re great if your initials look better than your full company name. Lettermarks often work best for companies that are well known.


A brandmark is a symbol highlighting an aspect of the product or service the business sells. It represents the company by association and relies on the design’s ability to evoke emotion in a viewer. A brandmark works well if you need an emblem for your product or if your name is long, nondescript or not easily translated for other regions.

Brandmark logo
Sift logo


A marriage of a brandmark with a wordmark, iconic logos are also called combination logos. An iconic logo effectively communicates what a company does and what it stands for. This form works well for startups and small businesses, whose names may be distinctive but not yet widely recognized.

What are logo design best practices?

Keep it clean and simple

A clean, uncluttered logo triggers positive human responses. Simple says certainty and stability.

Be effective at any size

Your logo should look as perfect on huge billboards as it does on business cards and social media.

Have a 3-second hook

A potential customer should be able to catch the meaning of your business logo design within three seconds.

Be timeless, not trendy

It’s tough to support current messaging with a dated or irrelevant logo.

Be memorable and motivating

The world’s best logos imprint on the brain and trigger action.

Show, don’t tell

A well-designed logo is recognizable after a certain introductory period without the company name.

Look good in black and white

Well-designed logos are recognizable — and stay just as strong — when printed in black and white.

Be pro-produced

Enlisting the help of a professional design team ensures you avoid many common mistakes that amateurs often make.

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  • The nuts and bolts of the design process
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  • Answers to all your logo questions — and to questions you didn’t even think to ask
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  • Cypress, TX
  • Edmonton, AB
  • San Diego, CA
  • Sherwood, OH
  • Naples, FL
  • Kingwood, TX
  • Mobile, AL
  • Houston, TX
  • Orlando, FL
  • Glendale, AZ
  • Charlotte, NC
  • San Antonio, TX
  • Midland, TX
  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Willis, TX
  • Fort Oglethorpe, GA
  • Lancaster, PA
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Chicago, IL
  • Pleasanton, CAv
  • Villa Rica, GA
  • Northville, MI
  • Monroe, NY
  • & many more

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Use the Logo Maker to create your own business logo in minutes


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Use the Logo Maker to create your own business logo in minutes


Let our logo design experts craft a custom logo for you


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