Logo Case Study: R & R Auto Repair

R & R Auto Case Study

Logo Case Study: R & R Auto Repair


R & R Auto Repair is a 40-year-old, family-owned auto repair shop. Rick and Kim Archuleta inherited the business from Rick’s father in 2014. The new owners are growing and updating the shop while maintaining some of its vintage charm.

R & R Auto

The logo is the new face of our business. We love the new look, and feel like we jumped into the current decade!

Kim Archuleta
R & R Auto Repair

The Situation

Rick and Kim Archuletta had grown Sacramento-based R & R Auto Repair by 30 percent since inheriting the 40-year-old shop in 2014. But they still faced the challenges of keeping an old-school business relevant in the 21st century.

While word of mouth often brought in new customers, the Archulettas knew that R & R also needed to attract car owners via Google, Yelp, Facebook and other online outlets. And though they had repeat customers dating to the shop’s early years, their future depended on cultivating a younger client base.

“We needed a marketing facelift,” says Kim Archuleta. The first step of that facelift would be designing a new logo.

The Plan

The Archulettas had three requirements for their logo:

  1. It had to appeal to a younger generation. The logo needed a modern look to display prominently on the company’s website and social media pages.
  2. It had to be recognizable to R & R’s long-time customers. Kim was concerned that too much variation from the former logo would give the impression that an entirely new business had taken over its location.
  3. It needed to stand out from the surrounding businesses. “Even though the old design was outdated, it stood out when you drove down the street. We didn’t want to lose that,” says Kim.

To help update their brand, the Archulettas enlisted Deluxe’s logo design team.

The Process

After filling out a creative brief and sharing their objectives with Deluxe’s designers, Rick and Kim were presented with six unique design concepts.

“We enjoyed them all,” says Kim. “But there was one that really grabbed us. They flat out nailed that one. It was just perfect and what we were envisioning.”

To ensure that no one would mistake the updated logo for that of a new business, Deluxe’s designers incorporated two key shapes from the old logo: a triangle that resembles a yield sign, and a wrench. They also used a thicker font for “R & R” to make the name stand out.

Original Signage

Original R & R Signage

New Signage

New R & R Signage

The Results

R & R’s sleeker, more modern logo is now displayed on the company’s website and social media pages. Deluxe also printed it on R & R’s business cards and stationery.

Now, the revised logo stands tall over the neighborhood on R & R's street sign. Installed in conjunction with the company’s 40th anniversary, the new sign helps the company celebrate its past while signaling that R & R plans to serve the repair needs of the area for another 40 years.

R & R Auto's new logo

R & R logo

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