Polka Dot Parlor boosts sales with a powerful brand


Paulette Kirk Kasmer is passionate about helping people look and feel good. So, in 2016, she opened Polka Dot Parlor to encourage women of all ages to explore their sense of fashion in a fun, friendly, supportive environment. Her mantra: rock whatever you want to rock, at any age.

Paulette Kirk Kasmer

I love that I can help women and girls with their body image, combining fashion, positivity and laughter.

Paulette Kirk Kasmer
Polka Dot Parlor

The Situation

As the only clothing retailer in downtown Bristol Borough, Pennsylvania, Paulette needed shoppers to take notice of Polka Dot Parlor. She needed a powerful brand to build her reputation and stick in the minds of her customers.

The Plan

The marketing team from Deluxe outlined a plan to boost Polka Dot Parlor’s visual brand to get people talking about the boutique and encourage customers to visit, again and again.

The Process

The first step was a logo makeover.

The original Polka Dot Parlor logo reflected Kasmer’s whimsical personality and love for cats. While cute, it was problematic. Too many colors made it difficult to translate to black and white for invoices and other forms. Busy design elements, like stars and polka dots, prevented Kasmer from shrinking down the logo for a business card, sticker or mobile screen.

Logo: before

Logo before

The team then had a conversation with Paulette about the cat in the logo. Did the cat immediately tell people what to expect of the store? Paulette felt that the cat, who was near and dear to her heart, represented being cool, being you and everything Polka Dot Parlor was about.

Though hesitant about removing the cat from her logo, Paulette was open to new ideas, so the team got to work exploring different concepts. The first round kept the logo as simple and clean as possible, with new colors and fonts and without the cat. But Paulette felt that the logos were just too conservative.

After some back and forth, the team agreed on a logo that included the cat and aligned with the Polka Dot Parlor’s identity. The simplified format also ensured the logo would look great in all formats, whether it was printed on a big sign, or a tiny business card.

Logo: after

Logo after

Putting it into practice

Once the new logo was finalized, it was time to apply it across multiple customer touchpoints to unify and strengthen the shop’s brand, including professional business cards and postcards.

Harry's menu

Harry's coaster

Deluxe also developed custom packaging to turn a Polka Dot Parlor purchase into a walking billboard.

"My new packaging makes my store and all my clients stand out," says Paulette.

The Results

Paulette was thrilled to see how the refreshed branding attracted new customers and encouraged repeat visits. Since the redesign, the shop has experienced record sales, the business is poised for growth and Paulette can continue to bring fun, funky, standout style to her town.

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