Me, Myself & Pies

Project Description

The theme of Me, Myself & Pies is Pie Obsession versus Pie Connoisseur. Me, Myself & Pies is a company that specializes in pies; from sweet to savory in a variety of sizes.

Target market:

Our target population is anyone with a mouth and money. No seriously, if we target women; they pretty much control the purse straps. We want to convey the desire, selfishness, indulging feeling and love for pies in a modern, tasteful and alluring way that will capture all races of women from the 25-55 age groups. I envision a woman (Single, married, divorced, mother, sister, daughter, grandmother, aunt, cousin or co-worker) thinking the following as she is relaxing after work:

Apple, Pumpkin, French Silk, Coconut Cream, Sweet Potato, Lemon Supreme, Peach, Cherry, Mixed Berry, Key Lime, Lemon Meringue, Buttermilk, I love Pies, desire and lust after them. I feel my heart race when I look at pies I am considering buying, feel a jolt of joy when I taste them for the first time. I know that I need to have pie like I know that I need to sleep and breathe. Perhaps I wouldn’t die if I had to eat the same drab cake for the rest of my life but some part of me would wilt and fade. Sometimes when I think about the things I would scramble to grab if my house were on fire, I think about my pies. I feel pretty confident that I would make sure my dog and cat were safely out of harms way first, but after that I would grab my pies.

I am far from the only woman who feels this way. Most of us do. On average, a woman thinks about dessert at any given time. I think about pies!

Designer Feedback:

It was clear, after reading all the information provided by the client, that “the love for pies” is the key on the logo, so the image had to represent that. Like if there’s nothing else in the world in this particular moment, reflecting perfectly the name “Me, Myself & Pies”. The pink smoke represents both “hot” and also “the smell” of a delicious fresh pie. Colors and fonts were chosen after the target audience.