Logo Design Process

Easy 3-Step Logo Design Development Process


Creative Brief and Brainstorming

Answer a few simple questions and our team determines the right creative direction for your project


Initial Concepts

Up to 10 concepts are ready for viewing in 3-5 days


Feedback and Finalization

Your favorite logo is revised to your specifications, then finalized in 11 formats for any application

Our logo design process is unique because we work with you from start to finish to make sure your logo design perfectly reflects your business. Our efficient and effective logo design process features easy online ordering and 3 simple steps to review and complete your custom logo designs. You’ll receive a high level of personalized service all along the way that you won’t find with other online logo companies.

Your project starts with collaboration to develop your initial concepts, which are then refined to your specifications. Then, once your custom logo design is finalized, we will send you all of the master file formats you need to begin using your logo for any type of application.

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1 Creative Brief and Brainstorming Session

Based on the logo design package that best fits your needs and a short creative brief to help our team get to know your business, your Logo Design Team will kick-off your design project.

The Deluxe design team will then hold a brainstorming session to develop ideas about how best to visually communicate your business brand and create a lasting impression through your logo. Unlike many other companies, Deluxe takes this extra step, because we believe it’s crucial to developing a custom logo design that perfectly reflects your business. We’ll be in touch throughout this key phase in the logo design process.

2 Initial Concepts

Once your design team has formulated several solid ideas, each designer will design a logo they feel best represents your business. Each designer has their own unique style and ‘voice’, so you’ll receive logo ideas to choose from that represent a range of perspectives – always with original artwork! Following a review by a project manager, who will ensure the right message is being conveyed in each logo concept, you will receive an email inviting you to review them on your private online viewing page. This display page is available to you 24/7 and can be accessed from any computer system.

We recommend that you go over each custom logo design and choose the elements from the designs that appeal to you most. From there, you can request changes to these designs, which we will complete to your specifications.

3 Feedback and Finalization

Our mission is to design a logo you’re completely happy with. As we progress through each round of changes, we will be in direct communication as you narrow down your options and choose the custom logo design that’s the best fit for your business.

Feedback and Finalization

Once you’ve finalized your choice, Deluxe will send you the high resolution master vector files in all of the file formats you’ll need to start using your new logo for any type of application. Deluxe will release all design rights to you so you can trademark your logo for your business, making it completely your own. The logo design process is truly 100% you – from start to finish!

What You Receive

When your logo is complete Deluxe provides you with all of the final file formats, colors and fonts you need to promote your new logo across every type of application. This gives you the flexibility you need to use your logo where and how you want – so it looks great every time.

Everything You Need For Any Application!

  • 11 Master file formats including: AI, PSD, CDR, EPS, TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PDF, PCX
  • High resolution Color and Black & White formats
  • Final files compatible with Mac or PC
  • True Type fonts used in your design (Gold package only)
  • You own all design rights

Your Final Files

After you finalize your logo design, Deluxe will send you your final logo files within 2-5 business days via zip file attachment. Included are all of the master file formats, fonts and color codes used in the design so you can reproduce it easily and reliably. The 11 final formats that we supply can be used for any type of reproduction and on any computer, Mac and / or PC.

These resources can help you understand how a great logo will shape your company’s visual identity – one that is unique and stands the test of time.

File formats you will receive:

Eleven Formats

Final Files Explained >

You will also receive:

  • All color codes (CMYK and RGB) so you can obtain exact color matches whenever necessary for other projects.
  • All fonts used in your logo design, provided with the Gold package only

With everything included in your logo design package your new logo will now be ready for any possible marketing application: web, stationery design, promotional material, signage etc. to take your business to the next level!

You own all the rights to your final design files and are free to use them in any way you wish.

Deluxe Logo Colors

Quality and Resolution of Your Digital Logo Files

When Deluxe finalizes your design files we supply you with both full color and black & white versions of your design. These high resolution files can be reduced or enlarged without the loss of image quality regardless of what technology platform you use.

Many other logo companies use 72 dpi formats for clients, which are fine for websites, but cannot be used for any other type of production without significant loss of quality. Your Deluxe design package automatically comes with logos produced in our standard 600 dpi format so that you will never have reproduction issues in any size and will not be subject to additional design costs to edit or fix your design files in the future. Just another reason we stand out!

Deluxe Logo Resolution


We deliver both CMYK and RGB color codes, the two most common color systems used in printing, with all packages to ensure exact color matches. This means your logo can be easily reproduced as designed by any printer and will avoid additional fees to match your colors.

Color Wheel

True Type Fonts

True type fonts are printed exactly the way they appear on the screen and can be resized to any height. Gold Logo Design package customers will receive the true type fonts that are used in their final logo design. Having the exact font files used in your logo design makes it very simple for a printer, web site design firm or promotional material manger to reproduce your Deluxe logo exactly the way it was designed. Some printers will charge additional fees to match fonts which can cause your logo design to look different than the one given to you by Deluxe. Having all the fonts on-hand will save you time and money and will keep a consistent look across all your marketing materials.

The fonts Deluxe provides are very easy to install. If you have questions or need help, you can call one of our design managers to assist you and we’re happy to help – always!

Your final files can be used for any type of application

Deluxe Logo Product

My designers did a fantastic job working with me until I received the exact look I wanted for my new logo. I want to thank the entire creative group at Deluxe!
Lisa Hammond, ZENZA Spa



Zenza logo
Whilmas Filipino Restaurant Logo Design Cynthia color

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Our experienced designers take the time to understand your business. They’ll craft an original logo that best represents your company on all channels — your website, business cards, letterhead, storefront and company vehicles, to name only a few. Each package includes multiple revisions so the final design is 100% perfect.

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