Eliminate your
claims check
payment headaches.

Receive your checks faster and improve reconciliation of EOPs.

Have checks and EOPs delivered instantly. Here’s how.

In partnership with ECHO Health, Inc. and their TPA and insurance company partners, our patented healthcare check payment solution delivers checks and EOPs simultaneously and securely. You receive a payment notification email, click on a secure link to access your check and EOP documentation, print the check and EOP on your printer and deposit the check at your bank just like any other paper check.

It’s as simple as 1-2-3!


1 Receive Email Notification from your Payer

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2 Print checks and EOPs on your printer

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3 Deposit at your bank just like any other paper check*

*or use one of our Deposit Service options

Cash Boost
Boost Cash Flow
Electronic delivery means your checks are delivered instantly to your computer rather than in 3-5 business days (or longer) through the postal service.
Time Money
Save Time & Effort
By delivering checks and EOPs together, you’ll spend less time reconciling and less effort chasing down checks lost in the mail.
Enjoy Convenience
There is no need to purchase or install any new software and no additional charges to retrieve your checks. Simply download, print and deposit or use our Deposit Service options to save you trips to the bank. It couldn’t be easier!

Receiving checks and EOPs electronically from most of your payers is easy. All it takes is a one-time simple set up.

The announcement informing you of the simultaneous delivery of electronic check and EOP documentation contains a website address, and a secret code. Enter the code on the website, furnish other readily available information and you have established a secure account to electronically receive checks and EOPs from your payers.


Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Deluxe eChecks?

Deluxe eChecks are traditional checks, only delivered faster. They contain all the fields like routing, transit and account numbers, date, payee and payer name that are present in a paper check. The only real difference is in the delivery. Instead of “snail mail”, email notifications are sent from payers to providers, enabling providers to access and print checks on their printers. Accessing your eChecks is as simple as clicking on a secure link in the notification email. Deluxe eChecks can be deposited at your financial institution just like paper checks received by mail.