Frequently Asked Questions


What are Deluxe eChecks?

Deluxe eChecks are traditional checks, only delivered faster. They contain all the fields like routing, transit and account numbers, date, payee and payer name that are present in a paper check. The only real difference is in the delivery. Instead of “snail mail”, email notifications are sent from payers to providers, enabling providers to access and print checks on their printers. Accessing your eChecks is as simple as clicking on a secure link in the notification email. Deluxe eChecks can be deposited at your financial institution just like paper checks received by mail.

What are the benefits of Deluxe eChecks?

Healthcare providers get two key benefits from Deluxe eChecks:

  • You get paid earlier (no more waiting for “snail mail”).
  • You’ll experience easier reconciliation of patient records because your checks and their associated EOP documentation are electronically delivered simultaneously together.

Getting paid earlier improves your cash flow. Easier reconciliation saves you time, effort and money.

I haven’t heard of this check payment solution before. Is this new? Who is using it?

This healthcare check payment solution was introduced in response to the healthcare industry’s demand for a faster and more efficient way to deliver simultaneous claim check payments and EOP documentation.

The solution has had an overwhelming positive response. Over 200 insurance companies and TPAs are now making payments with Deluxe eChecks and more are being added every day. The 26,000 associated providers have experienced the most positive impact. Their employees like having one consolidated online repository to collect payments and EOPs from multiple insurance companies. Several have also reported significant reductions in the time required to reconcile patient records.

Do I need to install special software to access Deluxe eChecks and EOP documents?

No. The only thing you need is an email address and the capability to access your online account. There are no downloads or plug-ins of any kind to access eChecks and EOP documents. Simply click on a secure link in the payment notification email to access the eChecks system and get your checks and EOP documents.

Is there a cost to providers to receive Deluxe eChecks and EOP documentation?

No. There is no cost to receive Deluxe eChecks. Electronic and simultaneous delivery of checks and EOP documentation is likely to save providers time and money in the reconciliation and tracking of misplaced checks and documents that often occurs when they are sent by mail.

What are the Deposit Service options?

We realize that checks can sometimes sit at your offices before being deposited at the bank. Some call this loss of valuable time “desk float”. For a small fee, the Auto Deposit service lets you choose to have payments automatically deposited into your bank account or the Convert to Card service pays you with a single-use credit card for immediate processing.

Who should set up the account?

We recommend that you have your Payments Department Lead set up your online account. That allows them to make administrative decisions (such as selecting which payments/EOPs to receive).
They can also give permission to others in your office by adding them as Members on the account. Each additional person invited to the account will only see the business functions the account administrator has determined are appropriate for them.

How do I know which Enrollment Type to select?

You decide what works best for your office. If you’re a small to medium sized business and serve multiple practitioners within the same Tax ID, we suggest you enroll for all payments associated with that Tax ID. This means that as practitioners are added to your practice, their payments will be automatically routed to your eChecks lockbox.

If you work in a large or multi-location practice with various departments responsible for processing payments for the same Tax ID, you can select the individual National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers for which you want associated payments and EOP documentation.
Not sure? Let us help. Call our friendly customer support team at 888.471.3920.

What if my office handles payments for more than one Tax ID?

No problem. You can add additional Tax IDs as new ‘lockboxes’ at any time. Just follow the instructions on the onboarding notification your office receives as if you were creating a new account. When you get to the Create Administrative Account page, select the “I already have an account” link instead. This will facilitate you adding a new lockbox to your existing eChecks account.