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Web Assessment-Marketing


Got 2 minutes? Get a free assessment
of your website.

Is it mobile-friendly? Are your images appearing properly? Does it load quickly and accurately? This free assessment will show you what’s working and where your website could use some improvement.

web assessment
web assessment

This website assessment tool will provide an overall score based on categories like:

  • Design and
  • Mobile
  • Overall
  • Quality
    of content
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Online presence
    & more

Why check your score?


At Deluxe, we care about your business and we love helping small business improve their presence online. With our free assessment report, you can download a detailed assessment of your website with actionable steps to improve your score.

Be credible online

The impression your website makes matters with visitors, learn where you might need to improve.

Get more customers

There may be some fixes you can make that convince more website visitors to call, visit or buy from you.

Improve your search ranking

Search engines like Google look at the same metrics to determine how to rank your website.

Need some advice about moving your business online or improving your website score? Call our Digital Consultant team at 1-866-781-1782.

See how you compare to the competition.

Get a side-by-side comparison on web design, traffic, local marketing and more. To add a competitor to your report, call our Digital Consultant team at 1-866-781-1782.