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Deluxe now offers an affordable payroll solution through Payce Payroll, a leader in small business payroll services since 1983!

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Online payroll solutions
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Our trained payroll specialists keep on top of ever-changing laws so you don't have to.

Avoid common payroll mistakes and surprises with unlimited support and unmatched customer service.

What do you get with payroll solutions from Deluxe Payroll Services?

Flexible payroll platform
Control over the payroll platform for your payroll needs
Accessible from any device
Easy-to-use platform available from anywhere
Unlimited support from experienced payroll specialists
Experienced payroll specialists available to you
Highest security protocol
The highest security protocols available
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
This eliminates any risk for you


The affordable, pay-as-you-go
Workers' Compensation option

  • › Free up cash for other needs. No more large down payments. You pay premiums based on actual payroll, freeing up funds for other payments.
  • › Keep your insurance agent. We'll work with your provider long-term.
  • › Save time and administrative hassles. We do  it all so you can focus on business.

See for Yourself Why Deluxe Payroll is the Most Reliable Solution for Your Business


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94% Client Retention Rate

We started with Payce Payroll in July of 2008. I was nervous about converting mid year, but they made the transition so smooth and seamless- there was nothing to worry about. They are very easy to work with, the software is easy to navigate and the customer service is great. We've had the same customer service representative since we've been with Payce, which is very reassuring. Other payroll companies have called us, trying to get us to switch, offering lower prices, but it isn't about the price, it's about the ease and the service and we get that with Payce.
CPA RHH Insurance
We chose Payce Payroll so that we could transition into retirement. When we were doing payroll in house, it was difficult to take a vacation, especially around payday. Also, Payce has the workman's compensation program which helps us with our cash flow. Their system is very easy to use and they have great customer support.
Dennis and Peggy McCartney
B&B Welding Company Inc.

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