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Get four valuable products in one with Deluxe Detect

Identity Verification

Identity Verification

Validate the authenticity of an applicant’s identity.

OFAC Compliance List Screening

OFAC Compliance List Screening

Protect against any potential foreign terrorist or illicit trade activity.

Known Fraud Screening

Known Fraud Screening

Uncover prior known or attempted fraud or fraud-like behavior at other institutions.

Account Abuse Screening

Account Abuse Screening

Reveal previous instances of account abuse at other institutions.


Deluxe Detect®

When consumers apply to open new savings or checking accounts with your financial institution, you can depend upon new account screening services from Deluxe. These services are designed to help you identify which prospective account holders to target and pinpoint where to find them.

Once they apply, you’re able to view prospective account holders’ histories, such as whether or not they have records of overdrafts or fraud, before approving their applications. For more information about New Account Screening, contact us at (866) 644-7879 or fill out the form below.

Accepted new accounts can increase 6-10%

The new account screening services you receive from Deluxe strictly comply with the Fair Credit Report Act (FCRA). As a result, all screenings you conduct will meet the FCRA’s requirements for accuracy, investigating disputes, and allowing consumers access to their reports. With new account screening services from Deluxe in place, you can sharpen your focus on doing business with account holders most likely to lead to higher return on investment (ROI) and profits overall.


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