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Fast. Easy. Secure.

Completely compatible with the way you operate today whether you're sending a few checks or importing a check run from your accounting software, Deluxe eChecks provide a fast, easy and safe method for handling all of your accounts payables.

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Payments delivered in seconds, not days!

Imagine a streamlined payment process that delivers check payments to your recipients as quickly as you can send an email — a digital solution with no steep learning curve, requiring no radical changes to your current accounting systems or processes. Deluxe eChecks are that solution.

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Created with security in mind.

The Deluxe eChecks portal was built with the busy small business owner in mind. The system allows you to write a single check, set up a check run, import a check batch and much more, with just a few clicks of a mouse. Send 2, 250 or more, securely and in seconds. And, because all you need is an email address to send an eCheck, no confidential banking information ever exchanges hands.

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Integrates flawlessly with QuickBooks® & other accounting

No double entries. No additional investment. No changes to your current AP process. Simply select the free Deluxe eChecks Add-on for QuickBooks to get started.

If you use another accounting software, simply export a .CSV file that contains the email addresses and remittance data for the checks you want to send. Upload it to your account and with just a few clicks you can deliver any number of checks in just seconds. For enterprise customers, our Application Programming Interface (API) easily integrates to allow disbursements of thousands, even millions, of payments and remittance documents.

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Streamline time-consuming, expensive processes

While paper checks are among the most widely accepted payment methods currently available, the process of loading check stock into a printer, printing, signing, stuffing, stamping and mailing them is costly and inefficient.

Deluxe eChecks take everything you love about checks and combine it with the speed and ease of email.

Send faster payments today

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