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Deluxe Payment Exchange (DPX) makes the difference

Business woman using Deluxe Payment Exchange

eChecks from DPX are digital deposits that speed claims payments to your policyholders. Offer your claimants what they want — data security and expedited payments — with eChecks from the Deluxe Payment Exchange.


Your customer’s satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Fast and easy for your claimants, eChecks are cost-effective and won’t disrupt your insurance payments business processes. It’s a win-win that puts the customer experience at the forefront and keeps it there.

Drive NPS With Quick Payments icon

Drive NPS With Quick Payments

Boost NPS with a fully digital payment experience. As soon as claims are approved, payments can be issued by adjusters and received in seconds

Give Claimants Control icon

Give Claimants Control

Clients recover quicker from crisis receiving claims payments immediately in the manner they choose, via credit card, debit card, direct deposit (ACH), or printing eChecks.

Experience Easy Integration icon

Experience Easy Integration

Migrate claims payments from paper checks to digital without disrupting claims and accounting systems. DPX seamlessly integrates with leading core insurance systems.

Eliminate Digital Confusion icon

Eliminate Digital Confusion

DPX delivers and manages the most popular payment methods for claimants to choose from, while integrating seamlessly into insurance core systems and meeting unique carrier needs.


Digital Payments are here for good

In 2020, $16.4 billion dollars were transacted via the Deluxe Payment Exchange.

Deluxe digitizes the claims payment process quickly and securely without requesting personal data (PII)

The top two factors claimants value with payment experience are security of their financial data and speed of payment.

PYMNTS.com Disbursement Satisfaction Index 2018

Fast. Easy. Flexible. The evolution of payments is digital.


Deluxe Payment Exchange is simple. Payments can be made as easily as sending an email, and recipients can accept them however they choose–Direct Deposit (ACH), Deposited to Visa debit or credit card or printed out as a live check.

Pay claims in seconds with Deluxe Payment Exchange

1. Upon approving claim, adjuster issues payment in claims system.

2. Via API, DPX digitizes and sends payment and EOP to claimant.

3. Claimant notified of claim payment, chooses payment method, and views EOP.


Get to know Deluxe Payment Exchange

  1. Deluxe Payment Exchange

    Deluxe Payment Exchange

    Make contactless payments anytime, without changing your payment processes.

  2. eChecks


    Deliver payments instantly, using only the recipient’s email address.

  3. Print+Mail


    Let Deluxe print and mail your branded business checks for you, faster and for less.


Resources available to you

SMA Whitepaper: Strategies for Digitizing the Claims Payment Process

Understand emerging digital expectations from claimants and how DPX is the best choice for quickly, cost-effectively digitizing payments without disrupting business processes.

On-Demand Video: Digitizing Claims Without Disruption

Listen to Deluxe experts discuss in 12 minutes the challenges insurance companies face when moving from issuing claims payments by paper check to digital payments. Learn how we helped a Fortune 500 insurance carrier avoid these pitfalls in their journey of issuing digital claim payments.

Solution Sheet: Achieving End-to-End Digital Claims with DPX

Learn how to deliver faster, flexible payments to policyholders and claimants when it matters most.


Our customers that select the eCheck option have been happy with the experience, and the cost savings is noticeable as well, since a paper check can cost us $5-$8 to issue.

  • Ariel Shmorak,

    Vice President of Product , Shipsurance

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Basic FAQ

What is claims payment management?

Insurance companies need to make payments based on the contractual agreements with claimants. To manage this payment disbursement process, insurance companies often use software and/or third-party providers to support the effort.

How are eChecks good for insurance?

eChecks are a great tool to use for insurance payments.  In Property and Casualty insurance scenarios, the claimant is often in need of a fast payment so they can quickly replace their car or fix their home.

DPX payment notifications are sent via email – so eChecks can be issued immediately after the claim is approved for payment (no more waiting for the check in the mail).  The claimant also has a choice in how to deposit funds. They can choose to print the check for in-bank or remote deposit, directly deposit to their bank account via ACH or opt for instant payment to a PayPal account. 

What is an ACH Payment?

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) network is an electronic, bank-to-bank money transfer process.  It’s a batch processing system that banks and other financial institutions use to collect ACH transactions, processing usually happens multiple times each business day. ACH payments are often free (or a small cost) and quick, but you may run into transaction limits.  ACH payments are not instant and typically take one business day to process, timing is dependent on a financial institution’s processing timeline.