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Send and receive secure notary payments instantly.

Whether you are a notary in the field looking for a fast and secure way to send disbursements, or a larger notary service organization looking for a streamlined and cost-effective way to pay your individual notaries – Deluxe eChecks are the right solution for your industry.

Deluxe eChecks make notary payments easier to send and receive by taking everything great about Deluxe Business Checks and giving you the power to send them by email.


Why Send and Receive Payments with Deluxe eChecks?

Control Cash Flow

Deluxe eChecks allow notaries to follow their cash receipts and disbursements to a better degree, based on instant payment methods versus something sent by mail.

Pay Quickly

Keep your subcontractors happy by paying them quickly and efficiently with Deluxe eChecks. Plus, if any legal affair demands urgent payment, an eCheck can be sent immediately to avoid unnecessary delays due to payment processes.

Access from Anywhere

Dealing with government affairs and legal system payments can feel daunting when you need to work from multiple locations. Deluxe eChecks make it easy.

Save Time & Money

Stop spending your time and money on disbursements that are more difficult to track. Deluxe eChecks are trackable in real-time so you can focus more energy on critical daily tasks.

Whether you are handling disbursements, or paying subcontracted notaries for their services, Deluxe eChecks are a streamlined and cost-effective payment solution that allows you to quickly and easily send disbursement payments.



“We spend all of this time, energy, and money to get checks out every week and you’re going to turn it into a two click task? I’m all in.” - Marc Greco, N3 Notary


Deluxe eChecks. The right way for Notaries to send and receive payments.

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