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Two Taps. Endless Possibilities.

Deluxe’s mobile Remote Deposit Capture (mRDC) solution is designed specifically to allow your small business customers the ability to capture multiple checks in a single deposit. In as little as two taps, each check is captured, and the deposit is securely submitted to the bank for processing and clearing. Best of all, Deluxe’s mRDC is highly scalable and works seamlessly alongside your bank’s mobile app and under your brand.


Mobile remote deposit capture for small business



Enroll and onboard through the app allowing customers to “service” themselves without involvement from your bank.

Boosts Revenue

Boosts Revenue

Elegant and simple way to bring in more revenue with SMB-specific features they would be willing to pay for.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Increased Customer Satisfaction

A mRDC solution for SMB needs that makes it easier to run their business.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

Bank benefits from both lower transaction fees and decreased in-person bank branch visits.


Highly Scalable

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture is a highly scalable solution that sells itself to your SMB customers. By directly integrating with your bank’s mobile banking app, mRDC allows your customers to discover the feature on their own, then enroll and onboard through the app and finally “service” themselves–all without any involvement from your bank.


A radically simple process

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1. Open

SMB opens your mobile banking app and taps “deposit checks” to seamlessly open mRDC within the app.

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2. Capture

Each check can be added as a unique transaction in a single deposit. Non-check items (invoices, agreements, etc.) can be linked to individual checks as well.

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3. Deposit

Funds are deposited into their account after clearing and automatically synced with QuickBooks*. *QuickBooks is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc.

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4. Track

Customers can access insights like deposit history, view top customers, or track revenue from right within the app.

More than 60% of US banks serve small businesses with consumer banking products and services

Source: Aite Group Estimates

Learn how to accelerate your move to digital

Tap into new revenue while giving small business customers what they want. Learn more about mobile Remote Deposit Capture, and all it can do for your customers, and your bank.

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