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Promises Kept and a Mission Fulfilled

Deluxe Payroll has evolved from a company that was originally founded in 1983 as Paytime, Inc., which underwent a rebranding in 2005, becoming Payce Payroll Service, Inc. Payce was then acquired by Deluxe Corporation in 2016.

From the beginning, the firm had a straightforward mission: develop the most efficient, automated payroll solutions; customize them to suit the specific needs of our customers; and deliver every aspect of payroll service personally and professionally.

Today, Deluxe Payroll — the one-stop, hassle-free payroll and HR solution — is built on a foundation of five ironclad promises that fulfill that mission and add up to one, great big reason why Deluxe is your best choice for payroll service.

Promise #1 – Free, one-on-one support from a dedicated payroll specialist

Deluxe Payroll specifically assigns an experienced payroll specialist to your account. This expert is your consistent, single point of contact, offering personalized support at no additional charge.

Promise #2 – A seamless, easy, free set-up of your payroll

Deluxe Payroll will perform an initial set-up, upload everything for you and reconcile your payroll before you run it. Best of all, there’s never a charge for these services.

Promise #3 – You’ll pay nothing for quarterly tax reports and filings

As a Deluxe Payroll customer, you’ll enjoy free quarterly tax reports and filings. And when we file and pay your payroll taxes, we provide the Electronic Federal Trade Systems confirmation number as proof.

Promise #4 – Up to 40% savings 100% of the time

Deluxe Payroll manages every time-consuming payroll and HR task for you, all at a cost savings of up to 40%. Plus, we’ll make your life easier with:

Fixed pricing for two years

No set-up fees or down payment

No contract — pay as you go

Free training on MyPayCenter

Promise #5 – Service you’ll want to stick with instead of feeling stuck with

Over the years, we’ve discovered that a full 93% of our customers stick around for the long term, because we provide so much more than the competition.

So, if you want payroll service from professionals who’ll promise to do their very best for your business every day, you want to engage Deluxe Payroll.