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Deluxe Payroll has established key alliances with major organizations whose dedication to customer service, consistent reliability and innovative products mirrors our own. By carefully selecting our strategic partners, we are able to maintain the level of quality and stability our clients have come to expect, while offering a broader menu of integrated payroll solutions.

Most importantly, our alliances demonstrate our continued commitment to meeting the needs and interests of our business clients on a proactive basis.

Insurance Agents

No large, upfront deposits. No end-of-year surprises. If cash flow is important to your clients — and let’s face it: it’s important to most businesses — you owe it to them to discuss a better way of handling worker’s compensation. PremiumLink lets them pay worker’s compensation insurance in installments rather than in one big chunk,



Payce by Deluxe Services A great payroll option for your clients. A great way to strengthen client relationships. No matter the type or size of the business, Payce by Deluxe services have an easy, affordable payroll management solution that fits your client’s exact needs. We make sure payroll is accurate and on time while working

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We chose Deluxe Payroll so that we could transition into retirement. When we were doing payroll in-house, it was difficult to take a vacation, especially around payday. Also, Deluxe Payroll has the Worker’s Compensation program which helps us with our cash flow. Their system is very easy to use and they have great customer support.