Contractor & Builders

Constructing better payroll systems for Builders & Contractors

At Deluxe Payroll, we understand the unique payroll needs of the Building and Contracting industry. Our partnerships with industry trade organizations allow us further insights into your industry and help us stay on top of the ever-changing laws and regulations regarding your specific payroll processes. Benefits of teaming with us include:
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Convenient, flexible input methods – phone, fax or online
  • Concise, easy to read management and payroll reports tailored to builders and contractors that include:
    • Job costing/expense allocation
    • Labor distribution
  • Multiple systems designed to capture your data in real-time and electronically feed it into our system, including:
    • Point-of-sale
    • Time & attendance
    • General ledger
  • Garnishment payment service
  • Electronic new hire reporting
  • Federal and state tax deposits & filing
Our experience in Building and Contracting payroll, combined with our dedicated customer service can save you time and money while letting you focus on the task of running the business. We chose Deluxe Payroll so that we could transition into retirement. When we were doing payroll in house, it was difficult to take a vacation, especially around payday. Also, Deluxe Payroll has the workman’s compensation program which helps us with our cash flow. Their system is very easy to use and they have great customer support.” – Dennis and Peggy McCartney, B&B Welding Company Inc.