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Payroll Processing Interfaces

Deluxe Payroll utilizes several interfaces to help your business run smoother and more efficiently. We provide a number of solutions to improve wage and hour compliance and reduce process errors. Our interfaces automate the payroll process by gathering data on employee time and attendance, calculating payroll taxes deductions and taxes and generating reports and records. Our interfaces work with the leading point of sale systems to make payroll processing easier than ever. In addition to the time savings, you reduce your risk of error because data is seamlessly migrated from your POS to our payroll software. Further increase your efficiency by integrating Deluxe Payroll’s time and attendance solutions. We have several time clock options available to help you collect employee information. Deluxe Payroll has special experience working with business that have unique needs such as restaurants, builders and contractors, retailers, accountants and the healthcare sector. Our payroll processing interfaces are specifically designed to meet the challenges of these industries. Our expertise combined with our superior customer services has led us to achieve endorsements by several trade organizations. Learn more about our interfaces and how they can be integrated into your payroll solution, contact a Deluxe Payroll representative at 800-729-5910.