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Tips on Decreasing Employee Absences

August 23, 2017

Trying to manage the employee workforce at your company becomes increasingly difficult if you experience continued absenteeism. Here are some tips on how to decrease employee absences:

  • Establish an Employee Handbook if you don’t have one already. Make sure your section on Employee Leave is clear and follows the employment tenure.
  • Try to consolidate Vacation and Sick time into one category like “Paid Time Off” or PTO.
  • Often employees show up with valid Jury Duty or Death notices where they are required to miss time from work. Make sure your handbook addresses the company policy on payment for Jury Duty or Bereavement Pay whether it is considered separate pay or within the “Paid Time Off” category.
  • Do not offer paid Sick Days unless it is mandated in your state. Often employers award Sick Pay and have a rule that employees must “use it or lose it” during the calendar year. If you have an employee who wants to use it but has not taken sick time during the year there may be a hardship when using all their accrued days in one month before the time off is lost. If you must have a Sick Pay policy try to have the days carry over so this situation does not occur.
  • Allow employees to work from home if possible by “dialing in” to complete their work. Often employees have a sickness that might be contagious for a day or so and then can return to work. Forwarding phone calls and emails can help expedite the workflow from the home/office.
  • Scheduling Flex Time may be an option for your company. For example if an employee has a late morning doctor appointment they may be allowed to make those few hours missed during the work week by perhaps staying an hour later each day. This also must be addressed in your Employee Handbook.

If you need help with customizing your Employee Handbook, please call your Deluxe Payroll representative today.