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Time & Attendance Management Systems

Deluxe Payroll's Time & Attendance solutions help you manage your workforce and track employee time and attendance more efficiently. Deluxe Payroll’s customized approach to your business requirements enables Deluxe Payroll to provide flexible solutions to increase your efficiency improve wage and hour compliance and reduce process errors. Deluxe Payroll's Time & Attendance solutions offer your business multiple options to collect employee information;
  • Web-based time clocks
  • Swipe card time clocks
  • Biometric time clocks (both hand geometry and fingerprint)
  • Telephone Voice Response
Regardless of the type of time clock you select, Deluxe Payroll's Time & Attendance solutions help you;
  1. Automate the calculation and reporting of hours workers and paid time off based on your company’s pay policies
  2. Increased control over labor costs and overtime
  3. Simplifies employee scheduling – prevents employees from working outside scheduled hours, and avoid unnecessary overtime
Try our ROI CALCULATOR to see how much you can save! For more information about our products and services, please contact one of our representatives at 866-469-6103.
Time and attendance solutions

Time & Attendance

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  • - Time America
  • - Kronos
  • - Novatime
  • - Swipeclock
  • - Crew Scheduler
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  • - Viewpoint Construction