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COBRA Administration

The Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) requires businesses to temporarily extend health coverage to employees and their beneficiaries following termination, loss of hours, or other qualifying events. While COBRA is a federal regulation aimed at businesses with 20 or more employees, smaller businesses may be required to offer state continuation of health coverage. At Deluxe Payroll, we can help reduce the administrative burden associated with these laws, as well as your risk of costly violations. Deluxe Payroll COBRA Administration and state continuation services include:
  • Initiating and maintaining COBRA and state continuation programs.
  • Sending timely notices to qualified employees.
  • Receiving and remitting participant payments.
  • Tracking terminations.
  • Helping to comply with all COBRA-mandated programs.
  • Answering questions through a toll-free number for employer and employee participants.
  • Employer Web access that provides self-service convenience in accessing plan information, adding new plans, and entering qualifying events.