Direct Deposit

Deluxe Payroll offers Direct Deposit for your employees. With Deluxe Payroll, some or all of your employees can elect to use Direct Deposit. Deluxe Payroll can accommodate depositing into multiple bank accounts allowing the employee to direct their net pay conveniently without leaving the office. Fast, secure and timely, your employees can direct their net pay into the bank or banks of their choice.  Employers can control transaction costs by designating a maximum number of bank accounts each employee can select for their banking needs.

Direct Deposit offers the following advantages over paper checks:

  • Employees no longer have to take extended time away from the office to complete their banking transactions.
  • Funds deposit directly into the employee account(s) with an itemized listing of their bank selections indicated on their paystub.
  • The employer is relieved of the tedious task of check reconciliation allowing more time for efficient banking and lower bank fees.
  • Funds that arrive to the employee bank account(s) are made available immediately on paydate.

Paperless Payroll

Paperless payroll allows our clients to view all their reports online and will lower the cost per payroll. This feature goes hand in hand with Employee & 1099 Access - On-line Pay Stubs.

Payroll Cards (provided by Global Cash Card)

Instead of cashing a check into a bank account, employees can have their pay, or a portion of their pay, automatically deposited to a payroll card. This Global Cash Card Visa® Prepaid card allows employees to make purchases without carrying cash, and withdraw funds when needed. Direct Deposit - Benefits Call today to see how easy it can be to take advantage of Direct Deposit.