Online Payroll Reports

Deluxe Payroll understands that payroll generation and reporting can consume a frustratingly large amount of time and energy for every business.  That is why we have customized our service to your particular needs. Your payroll package comes with the reports you designate, not just the “standard amount of paperwork” businesses usually receive. Helping you save time and paperwork is our goal as well and, with your help, we can achieve it together.  Checkout our website and select “MyPayce” to sign up for delivery of your payroll reports Online. MYPAYCE Online Reports  Online Reports from Deluxe Payroll provide clients and their accountants a secure way to access the reports listed below over the Internet. Users can access their reports online, receive printed payroll reports via their normal delivery method, or both. Additionally, with your permission, your CPA or Accounting Professional can access your payroll records as needed, whenever it’s convenient – 24/7. Click here to learn more about Deluxe Payroll Online Reports.
  • Payroll Register Our payroll register provides all wage, tax & voluntary deduction information for current pay period as well as year-to-date. This report can also be configured departmentally.
  • Department Summary The Deluxe Payroll department summary lists earnings by your specified departments. This report contains leave pay amounts, voluntary deductions and a full tax summary including FUTA & SUI taxes.
  • Payroll Summary Deluxe Payroll summary indicates the amount of cash that must be present in each payroll or operating account to cover payroll, direct deposit, federal & state taxes and other obligations.
  • Payroll Tax Advice Deluxe Payroll tax advice breaks out all federal, state and local tax obligations for the for current payroll period. In addition, the report provides confirmation of the previous payroll period 941 payment, made via EFTPS.
  • Standard Adjustment Report The standard adjustment report provides a view of all scheduled adjustments (payroll deductions and reimbursements) for each employee. Report shows current, year-to-date and maximum/goal amounts for each scheduled adjustment.
  • Expense Allocation Our Expense Allocation report is a tremendous management tool for the business owner or CFO. It provides a thumbnail of your cost center’s payroll expenses, both for the current pay period and Y-T-D.
  • Leave Pay Deluxe Payroll can track numerous leave pay options for your employees; reflecting not only employee time-off, but the dollar value associated with the leave time.
  • Deferred Compensation Report Should your company offer a 401(k) or other deferred compensation retirement option, Deluxe Payroll will provide all the necessary information.
Restaurant Report Deluxe Payroll is exceptionally qualified to address the hospitality industry with reports designed to meets the growing needs of the hospitality industry.
  • Tip Voucher Shows reported tips for each tipped employee, and shows when employee wages do not cover taxes.
  • FICA Tip Credit Report Shows an employer by quarter and year to date any eligible tips that may exceed the minimum federal or state wage (whichever is higher). This report helps the employer receive applicable business tax credits