Ensuring State Compliance in Other States

When opening a new business location in another state, to ensure State compliance with payroll taxes, make sure you:
  • Register with the state of the new business location. Some states, such as Maryland and Pennsylvania, have a combined registration. This allows you to register for both withholding and unemployment at the same time
  • Always try to register electronically – this is much easier and you will get your ID numbers and rates quicker!
  • Remember – Withholding Tax is where the employee lives; Unemployment is where the employee reports to work!
perhaps the MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember is:  register timely and provide the Deluxe Payroll Tax Department with your identification number(s), payment frequencies and rates. With many states, if you begin a business and have not registered with the taxing authorities, they will assess penalties and interest. Pennsylvania will assign you the highest Unemployment Rate! If you need help, the Deluxe Payroll Tax Department is able to provide you with more information and guidance.