COVID-19 Response Video

Covid-19 Response Video

Reach out to your customers with a Covid-19 Response Video

Inform your customers about how your business is changing. We can create a personalized video to communicate carry-out details, updated hours, safety precautions, and more.

Only $35* - Save 65% off regular price of $99

*Offer valid through end of August 2020


Service Benefits

Quality production value
Quality production value

Video elements can include your business logo and all your needed business information. We include appropriate background music and imagery for your industry.

Video can help your SEO ranking
Video can help your SEO ranking

Using effective keywords in the video title and video text helps improve your search engine ranking. Video also encourages visitors to stay on your site longer, which also positively impacts SEO.

See how one small business did it - in less than a day

Om Nohm Bakery needed to quickly communicate with their customers about how the COVID-19 pandemic was changing their business hours and safety practices. In minutes Deluxe created a 30 second video to get their message across.

Before the end of the day, Om Nohm Bakery was able to share the video via email to their mailing list, add it to their website and post a sharable link via social media platforms.

Broadcast your business changes with video

Don't let your customers forget about you. Connect with customers to inform them how COVID-19 has changed your business with a 30 second video. Upload your video to your website, social media channels like Facebook, or highlight it in an email marketing campaign.

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