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More Information about Custom Amusement Park Products

Whether your world class amusement park just opened the tallest, fastest, most twisting roller coaster ever made, or your local educational theme park is about to premiere a multimedia scientific display, you need to get the word out. Ticket sales are important, but so are the purchases made inside your park. Deluxe can help you with campaigns to reward season ticket holders and souvenirs that customers will use again and again, helping you promote your brand.
Souvenirs can be a great way for your patrons to remember the wonderful time they had and share that memory with their friends and neighbors when they use that merchandise later. Studies show that durable promotional goods can make hundreds of impressions for a low initial investment. A commercial or print add may run for a limited time, but a tote bag may get used years after the initial purchase. Stock your ticketing booth or gift shops with commemorative products like custom T-shirts or custom Plastic & Stadium Cups and by marking them with special event themes you can prompt a collectibility that will inspire repeat purchases. You can also offer your guests things that will help them during specific rides or exhibits, for instance, if water is involved promotional waterproof containers or ponchos may come in quite handy. Having souvenir items available to purchase on your website also allows prospective visitors to order ahead and wear their shirts or caps to the park for photos.
You'll also want to make sure that any food vendors in your park are continuing with the branding you've created. Deluxe offers many options of cups, plates, banners, etc. to make sure that every aspect of park maintains your theme.
Deluxe has solutions for your amusement park regardless of its size or theme. We would love to be able to help your customers keep alive the memories of the fun you've given them. Call 855-833-5893 between 9 AM and 8 PM ET to speak with a promotions expert to get started.
Custom Amusement Park Products