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Create your brand and protect your intellectual property.

Filing a trademark or copyright helps you retain exclusive rights to your original work and brand now and into the future.


Trademark Application

$199/per application


Applying for a federal trademark with the US Patent & Trademark Office protects your brand name, slogan, logo or unique symbol from being used without your permission. Our experts make it easy for you to complete your trademark filing by helping you every step of the way.

  • Protect Your Intellectual Property

Safeguard a business name, slogan, or a brand logo that distinguishes your company and emphasizes its uniqueness.

  • Get Up and Running Fast

A trademark grants the use of the registered trademark symbol (®) giving your products more marketing power by demonstrating to your competitors and customers that your unique brand is registered and protected.

  • Increase Brand Value

A trademark is an important business asset that not only offers brand protection but increases in value as that business grows.

Copyright Application



A copyright helps protect your original creations and gives only you the right to reproduce, publish or profit from them. Copyright registration provides a public record of the copyright claim, and helps you protect literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works from infringement or distribution by others. We make it easy to complete your copyright application by handling all of the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

  • Protect your creations

Filing a copyright helps you to protect the time, creativity and energy you invested to create your original works by preventing others from reproducing, performing, or making a profit from your art.

  • Retain Ownership

When you file a copyright, only you have the right to reproduce, perform and display your work publicly, or authorize others to do so with your permission.

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