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These custom candles offer a triple benefit as your promotional item of choice. First, they’re quality-made and will be appreciated by your customers, employees, everyone. Next, with your logo and business information highlighted front and center, brand awareness is assured. Finally, you’ll love how our bulk wholesale prices stretch your budget.
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$2.53 - $3.02 Min. 50
Zen Aromatherapy Candle in Large Silver Push Tin
1 color Available
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$6.14 - $6.87 Min. 50
8 oz. Scented Tumbler Candle
3 colors Available
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$3.33 - $3.87 Min. 50
3 oz. Scented Votive Candle
3 colors Available
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$12.34 - $13.83 Min. 25
Zen USB Diffuser with Clear Case and Magnet Closure
1 color Available
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$2.92 - $3.43 Min. 50
2 oz. Scented Candle in Screw-Top Metal Tin
2 colors Available
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$18.81 - $21.40 Min. 25
Zen on the Go Set
9 colors Available
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$9.09 - $10.37 Min. 25
Zen Essential Oil - 15mL Dropper Bottle
1 color Available
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Candles - Harper Gift Candle
$16.08 - $20.15 Min. 10
Harper Gift Candle
5 colors Available
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$5.12 - $5.75 Min. 48
Aromatherapy Candle Tin 6 oz.
1 color Available
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$10.55 - $11.52 Min. 48
16 oz. Aromatherapy Wax Candle Glass Jar
1 color Available
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$9.36 - $9.91 Min. 48
8 oz. Aromatherapy Wax Candle Glass Patio Jar
1 color Available
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$12.84 - $14.04 Min. 48
Aromatherapy Candle Libbey Bowl 14 oz.
1 color Available
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Candles - Zen Electronic Diffuser
$25.98 - $34.38 Min. 10
Zen Electronic Diffuser
1 color Available
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$5.30 - $5.96 Min. 48
Aromatherapy Candle Tin 4 oz.
1 color Available
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$8.30 - $8.82 Min. 48
Black Matte Tin Candle 6 oz.
1 color Available
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$8.21 - $8.74 Min. 48
Jelly Jar Candle
4 colors Available
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Candles - Large Silver Tin Candle 8 oz.
$8.49 - $9.01 Min. 48
Large Silver Tin Candle 8 oz.
1 color Available
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Create Top of Mind Awareness with Personalized Candles

Custom candles featuring your logo and business information make effective promotional gifts and giveaways. People buy candles every day for themselves and their families, so imagine their appreciation when you give them one. These personalized candles come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, aromatherapy, scented votive, scented tumbler, holiday and more, and are the perfect extra touch as favors for special occasions, such as weddings, birthday parties, and baby showers. They also will prove exceptionally popular at sales events, trade shows, grand openings, employee get-togethers and other corporate programs. Choose the ideal candle for your audience or event, then start the customization process with an easy design upload. Virtual proofs are free and there’s no charge for art modification, so you’ll get exactly the look you want. Plus, if you need it, our graphic design team is available to help. Try our aromatherapy candles for a soothing fragrance, or try our diffusers and essential oils for a classic and affordable option. Deluxe has candles and related items for every occasion all easily personalized and ordered in bulk. Be sure to also check out our complete selection of household items, including personalized digital photo frames , a personal touch at events or a cherished gift for loved ones. Then your next step will be to hand out your custom candles to employees, loyal customers, and at events and trade shows, especially around the holidays. Our wholesale prices and bulk quantities will help you optimize your budget. Don’t miss out on this convenient, effective way to promote your business and your brand. Order your custom candles wholesale today. If you have any questions about shipping, design or anything else, contact us, or visit the Deluxe Knowledge Base to find the answers