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Protect yourself and your employees from germs and infection with disinfectant wipes. While these are difficult to come by these days, we won’t limit you to only one package like some stores. In fact, we offer bulk disinfectant wipes so you can stock up for the months ahead. We offer disinfectant wipes wholesale, and do the same for items such as face masks and antimicrobial products. These and many other products, including social distancing signage and safety wear, can give you a peace of mind and a return to some kind of normalcy for your business.
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$3.35 Min. 48
75% Alcohol Antibacterial Wet Wipes
1 color Available
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$1.25 Min. 250
Antibacterial Wet Wipes
1 color Available
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Disinfectant Wipes - 0.1 oz Sanitizer Packet
$0.64 - $0.69 Min. 1000
0.1 oz Sanitizer Packet
2 colors Available
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Disinfectant Wipes - Antibacterial Wet Wipe Packet II
$1.31 - $1.49 Min. 250
Antibacterial Wet Wipe Packet II
1 color Available
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Disinfectant Wipes - Natural Ingredient Moist Towelette
$0.27 - $0.29 Min. 1000
Natural Ingredient Moist Towelette
1 color Available
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