Custom Promotional Paper Clip Holders

Paperwork is a daily burden in life. It feels unnecessary and seems impossible to get through it all. That's where paperclips and paperclip holders come in and clean up the mess at work and home. Buying a personalized paperclip holder will expand your brand's logo and purpose to anyone that has to deal with pesky paperwork. These custom holders come at a very low cost, and will reach unexpected potential customers and clients in places unimagined. Buy a personalized paperclip holder with some personalized unique desktop items from to easily grab more business for your company.
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Paper Clip Holders - Paper Clip Dispenser
$1.22 - $1.38 Min. 250
Paper Clip Dispenser
2 colors Available

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Paper Clip Holders - House Paperclip Dispenser
$1.31 - $1.57 Min. 125
House Paperclip Dispenser
1 color Available
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Paper Clip Holders - Mini Magnetic Accessory Bowl
$3.41 - $6.12 Min. 50
Mini Magnetic Accessory Bowl
1 color Available
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Paper Clip Holders - Tower of Clips and Push Pins
$4.91 - $5.44 Min. 200
Tower of Clips and Push Pins
5 colors Available
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