Corporate Awards & Employee Recognition Gifts Buying Guide

Corporate Awards Buying Guide
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Why Give Corporate Awards & Employee Recognition Gifts?

Formal recognition of a job well done helps to reinforce the actions and behaviors you most want to see people repeat. Moreover, employees whose efforts are recognized in some way are more likely to remain happy, content, and most importantly, motivated. Those individuals who are not honored will hopefully take it as an opportunity to work harder so that they can be receive their own corporate award sometime in the future. Finally, people like to feel appreciated, and corporate awards and employee recognition gifts are a perfect way to show your gratitude for others’ hard work.

Need further evidence that corporate awards are good promotional tools? According to the Advertising Specialty Institute’s 2010 Impressions Study, individuals receiving recognition awards display them about two-thirds of the time, and many keep them because they are enjoyable to have. Most importantly, 65% of those receiving a corporate award had an improved perception of the company that gave them the award. So not only recognition gifts promote your brand. They also promote goodwill for your brand—a subtle but very important distinction.

Deluxe Promotional Products has a wide selection of engraved corporate awards and employee recognition gifts from which to choose, so you can find the perfect way to reward your top employees, key vendors, and eminent business partners.

On the following pages, we have outlined some of the main materials used in the corporate awards that we offer as well as some of the benefits and drawbacks to each. Then, we’ll discuss some of the different things you’ll need to look out for when ordering corporate awards from Deluxe.

Examples of Corporate Awards & Gifts

Crystal Corporate Awards

Perhaps we’re most familiar with recognition awards made from optical crystal, one of the finest crystals available. With no lead content, optical crystal is clarified to a 100% optically-clear state, resulting in a perfectly clear glass that shines brightly under any light source. It’s important to note that due to the hand-cut craftsmanship of optical crystal, each piece will slightly vary. Exact size, weight and shape cannot be guaranteed. All crystal products must be handled carefully to prevent surface scratches.

Aluminum Employee Awards & Metal Recognition Gifts

In addition to a wide array of recognition awards made from solely from optical crystal, we also carry several corporate appreciation gifts that are comprised primarily of crystal but have some metallic or aluminum accents, bringing a modern touch to the classic gift. Moreover, Deluxe offers a number of gifts made with wood and metal, like the award pictured below.

Bamboo Employee Recognition Gifts & Wood Corporate Awards

Who says employee recognition awards have to be made from optical crystal or metal? Deluxe has several corporate awards made from alternative materials, such as wood and bamboo. The award pictured below is made from two different types of bamboo, a completely renewable resource, making it an ideal award to hand out at an environmentally-minded company banquet. In addition, we offer a number of wood plaques, great for employee-of-the-month recognition ceremonies or for an outstanding sales year.

How to Buy Corporate Awards & Gifts

When buying corporate awards and employee recognition gifts from Deluxe, there are several things to bear in mind, namely the following:

Item Color

Because the majority of our corporate awards are made from crystal, most of them are Clear. That said, we do offer a handful of corporate awards in other colors, most notably Silver and Brown. If you’re looking for a corporate award of a certain color, be sure to use the Item Colors product filter to review only those items of a specific color.


In the event that you’re planning a recognition event as part as a larger eco-friendly awareness campaign, we do have some Eco-Friendly Corporate Awards for sale. You can also filter your search to view only the eco-friendly corporate awards we sell by using the Eco-Friendly filter. Furthermore, eco-friendly products are designated by a green leaf icon when viewing the product gallery.


Awards are one of the few promotional items that you can order one at a time. That said, while most of our corporate awards require an order of 1, a few require an order of 3 or 5 items, so make sure to double-check the item description when ordering to see how many you’ll need to order.

Imprint Method

As already mentioned, most of the corporate awards from Deluxe are imprinted via laser etching. A few of our corporate awards are imprinted via other means, so be sure to consult the item description to determine how your item will be decorated.

Production Time

Since orders for corporate awards are generally only a few pieces each, most corporate awards in the Deluxe catalog can be produced and delivered in about 2.5 weeks under normal conditions. If you have a specific timeframe in mind, make sure to use the Production Time filter to view only those corporate awards that can be produced within that selected timeframe.

The key to ensuring a quick turnaround for your order is having your artwork in vector format and a valid credit card. Remember, we do not begin send your order to manufacturing until we have your final art approval, so be sure to approve your virtual proof once you’ve received it.

We also have several FREE rush production corporate awards, so if you need your order in less time, we can generally accomodate your needs. If you want to view only those items with free rush production while you’re browsing the website, you can use the Free Rush Production filter.


Another consideration to make when buying employee recognition gifts is what shape you wish to use for the award. Deluxe has corporate awards in a number of different shapes available:

  • Obelisk: Perfect for any monumental achievement.
  • Star: Ideal for those salespeople who have reached new heights.
  • Globe: Great for international-facing employees.
  • Block: Superb for showing appreciation to rock-solid performers.

These are just a few of the options available to you. We encourage you to explore our entire selection of corporate awards and employee recognition gifts to find just the right one for next recognition ceremony.

Ready to order some corporate awards? Have a question about this product? Please contact us. We can take your order over the phone or answer any questions you may have.