What is embroidery?

Embroidery is the process of creating and producing ornamental needlework consisting of designs worked on fabric with high-luster threads either by hand or machine. For many forms of apparel, including jackets, polo shirts, and hats, machine embroidery is the preferred form of imprinting as it gives these items an elegant look that enhances their perceived value.

Original art is converted, or digitized, into a template that breaks it down into a required stitch count for the desired imprint area. The template is then uploaded into an industrial embroidery machine which replicates the template onto the garment precisely.

The cost of embroidery depends on the intricacy of the graphics to be reproduced, as well as the number of colors, as these factors determine the stitch count. Because of the work necessary to digitize art for embroidery and the embroidery process itself, these items take at least a couple of days to produce, which will affect rush orders. The customer is advised to consult the production schedule provided during the ordering process for embroidered items.